Project Mugetsu: Best Resurreccion Tier List

Get the best of the best for your Arrancar.

The Resurreccion powers for Arrancars in Project Mugetsu are far from equal, so it’s important to rank them with a tier list to know which ones are the best overall.

This is doubly true if you wish to be competitive and play PvP! Other players will want to use the best powers available, so you’ll need to fight fire with fire.

In this article, we’ll rank all the Resurrección types from best to worst based on their overall strength.

Best Resurreccion Tier List | Project Mugetsu

The Tier List
  • S+ – Los Lobos, Murcielago.
  • S – Santa Teresa, Arrogante.
  • A – Pantera, Gravitas, Tormenta.
  • B – Tiburon.
  • C – Volcanica.

As it stands, Los Lobos and Murcielago dominate the Resurreccion meta in Project Mugetsu.

The main reason for this is that Los Lobos can deal extreme damage with its V move, Cero Metralleta. It’s a strong ranged attack that can shut down most playstyles, making it pretty oppressive to fight against.

Of course, the rest of Los Lobos’ abilities aren’t weak either. It’s a very versatile Resurreción and an easy choice for the S+ tier.

Los Lobos attack

However, Los Lobos’ Cero Metralleta move is insane at range, sure. But it becomes nearly useless if your opponent gets up close and personal. This is where Murcielago shines!

Murcielago’s abilities are capable of stunning enemies at range. This can be combined with the X move, Vuello Oscuras, to quickly glide toward an enemy and get in close range.

In essence, Murcielago can be effectively used as a counter for Los Lobos. It’s not bad against other playstyles, either, though it’s a tad weaker than Los Lobos overall.

Nonetheless, it’s easy to see why we’ve placed these two in the S+ tier above everything else!

Player using cinematic Resurrección

Moving on from those two, Santa Teresa and Arrogante are in second place in the S tier. They are strong and have great combos and powerful abilities.

They aren’t quite as good as Los Lobos and Murcielago, but they are still powerful. In fact, Arrogante is generally considered a “pseudo-Legendary” Resurreccion by players.

Arrogante’s power matches those of Legendary Rarity Resurrecións, but it’s actually simply Rare Rarity.

Breaking Down Mid Tiers and Bottom Tiers

Pantera showcase

Leaving the S tiers behind, we have the A tier. The most disappointing one in A tier is Pantera, which is a Legendary Resurreción.

However, its abilities and combo potential are nowhere near the other Legendaries in the game. It pales in comparison to Los Lobos and Murcielago, for example!

It’s telling that Pantera is in the same tier as Gravitas, which is the only Uncommon Rarity Resurreción currently in Project Mugetsu.

Gravitas’ powers can move enemies around and stun them with ease, which gives it excellent combo potential. Despite its low rarity, it’s actually surprisingly strong!

Tormenta is also solid, thanks to its teleport moves. It’s an annoying Resurreción to fight against. Sadly, it lacks good combo potential due to the slow start-up on most of its moves.

Volcanica showcase

In the B tier we only have Tiburon, which is completely outpaced by most of the other Resurreccións. The only thing worse than Tiburon is Volcanica, which is the sole Resurreción in the bottom C tier…

But well, Volcanica is the most common of all the Resurreccion types. It’s fitting that it has weak powers and is greatly overshadowed by the rarer Resurreccion types…

Nonetheless, that’s the end of our tier list ranking every Resurreccion in Project Mugetsu from best to worst. In summary, you’ll want to get Los Lobos or Murcielago if you want the best of the best!

Make sure to also check out our guide on the new Update 2 for Project Mugetsu so you know everything about the game’s current state.


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