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Finding the super secret guest list.

Gray Zone Warfare is a fast-paced tactical FPS with a strong emphasis on realism. As you progress through the game’s extensive open universe and fulfill a number of missions, you can join a Private Military Company and explore the enormous MMO. One of the quests, “Up to Snuff” is a mission offered by Handshake, Lewis Pell, the Lamang Operations commander. In this guide, we are going to give you all the details to help you finish this quest.

Up To Snuff Quest

The primary goal of the Up To Snuff quest is to identify the VIP client list and deliver it to Lewis Pel. Handshake’s supervisor pushed him to locate the list so he could learn the identities and backgrounds of the clients

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By following the map route, you are going to reach the Hunters Paradise and make your way from there. Check out the image below to see exactly where you need to go to get the list.

Gray Zone Warfare Up To Snuff Quest location shown on the map.

Once you are there, you are going to see a little house right in front of you. Head inside and walk through the door on your right to arrive at the living room of the house. You will see the client list lying on the coffee table there.

In order to complete the first objective, all you need to do is picking up this list.

Gray Zone Warfare Up To Snuff Quest client list location.

After picking up the client list, all you need to do is go back to Handshake and you will be able to finish the quest.

Upon completing the quest, you will get a brand new M4A1, some money, experience and reputation points as a reward.

Up to Snuff quest rewards.

This is how you are going to finish the Up To Snuff Quest in Gray Zone Warfare. If you are looking for other guides on this game, do not forget to check out our guides on It’s in the Water 2, and How to Get Keys as well.


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