Project Mugetsu: How To Get Goku Black’s Scythe

The Sickle of Sorrow… can it be yours?

Goku Black’s Scythe is one of the newest weapons in Project Mugetsu, and it’s a highly exclusive item that not many players can get.

This weapon is based on the villainous Goku Black from Dragon Ball. Also known as The Sickle of Sorrow, it’s one of Goku Black’s ultimate techniques as it channels his deep anger!

In this guide, we’ll look into the availability of this unique weapon and tell you how to get it.

How To Get Goku Black’s Scythe

Squad 0 Member with Goku Black's Scyther

Sadly, Goku Black’s Scythe is currently not available for everyone. It’s exclusively given out to Testers who help with the development of Project Mugetsu.

You can recognize Testers in-game thanks to their Squad 0 Member title over their heads.

Becoming a Tester yourself is also currently not possible. The developers aren’t seeking any more Testers as of this writing.

However, it’s possible for Testers to trade away Goku Black’s Scythe to regular players if they so wish. But due to its limited availability, they can freely set whatever “price” they want for trading.

It’s a good idea to try getting as many rare items as you can to trade for it, such as Hogyoku. We have a guide covering the best ways to get Hogyoku, so feel free to check that out.

Another Squad 0 Member with Goku Black's Scyther

To facilitate trading, you can also check out the official Discord server for Project Mugetsu. It will allow you to try trading for Goku Black’s Scythe more easily than the in-game chat.

Developers will also announce openings for new Testers through this Discord server, of course. We highly advise against becoming a Tester if you simply want exclusive items like Goku Black’s Scythe, though.

Being a Tester is a commitment, so you should only apply if you truly wish to help with the game’s development!

But well, that’s all there is to know about how to get Goku Black’s Scythe. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but its limited exclusivity is beyond our control.

Hopefully, this unique item will become available to all players sometime down the line!


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