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Pokemon Legend Arceus: Gible Location | How to Get Gible

I think I know what you’re missing in your team, a land shark Pokemon!

Gible can be an adorable land shark when you first catch it but it can grow into a powerful Garchomp during its final evolution. This guide will show you how and where you can catch a Gible so you can add it to your team.

Gible Location — Pokemon Legend Arceus

Gible is a dragon and ground-type Pokemon that you can find with the Sand Veil ability. This Pokemon is considered a Land Shark Pokemon and it is weak to Pokemon with Ice-type moves. Gible can evolve into a Garchomp during its final Evolution.

When it reaches Level 24, it will evolve into a Gabite and when the Gabite reaches Level 48, it will evolve into a Garchomp.

There are multiple spawn locations for Gible and you may need to look through all of them to catch this Pokemon.

  • The first spawn location of Gible is the Wayward Cave in Coronet Highlands. From the Heavenward Lookout, go northwest and enter the Wayward cave. The cave entrance is in between two waterfalls connected by a bridge.

  • Another spawn location for Gible is the Clamberclaw Cliffs.

NOTE: You can go to the areas at any given time to catch the Gible.

Throw your poke ball and catch that Gible!

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