Project Slayers: Temari Guide & Best Combos

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Project Slayers Temari Attack

Learning the perfect combos for your abilities can be tricky. It it is rewarding though once you get a combo off and get better and better at doing it. In Project Slayers there’s a lot of combos that you can do with all sorts of weapons and abilities. If you’re a Temari user, then there’s some interesting combos you can do with that set of abilities.

In this guide, we’ll show you what are the best combos for Temari. We’ll also briefly touch on the abilities, what they do and when to use them. Now, let’s get right into it!

Temari Guide & Best Combos

The Temari move set has a lot of great ranged attacks that can stun the enemies long enough for you to get off a combo. Not only that but with the right weapon combinations you can easily do an infinite combo if you’re lucky. Before we go into combos though we’ll first need to know a few things about the moves.

For the first move you’ll want to know is the V ability called Four Arms. As the name implies it lets you grow 4 arms at your back and the actual effect is that you deal more damage, sometimes even double the damage. Be sure to start each combo with this and keep this ability up as much as possible to maximize your damage.

The next ability of note is the Z ability Normal Throw, which isn’t very effective in the air. That’s why we’ll be using it on the ground as a starter for most of our combos later on. Double Throw is also an ability that is best used on the ground although it can be used in the air too.

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An ability that does work better in the air is Power Kick which is the C ability. It’s best used when you launch an enemy up with your M1 attacks.

Now that you know the basics, we’ll go through the different combos you can do with Temari.

Simple Combos

These are the easier combos that you can do when starting off. It’s a great way for you to get used in using the throw abilities.

  • M1 Attacks + Double Throw/Normal Throw
  • M1 Attacks + Double Throw + M1 Attacks + Normal Throw + M1 Attacks

Advanced Combos

This is the real meat and potatoes of the Temari move set. These combinations are often started with basic attacks as well as activating 4 arms so keep that in mind. At the end of the combo, you can use different combo extenders to repeat the combo as well, like using Asteroid or Bloodlust.

  • Normal Throw + Double Throw + Tripple Throw
  • Normal Throw + Double Throw + Tamari Meteor
  • Normal Throw + Double Throw + Power Kick + Tamari Meteor
  • Normal throw + Triple Throw + Double Throw + Power Kick + Tamari Meteor

Those are the combos you can do with Temari in Project Slayers. Now that you know how to do that go check out our guide on how to get ores on Project Slayers if you haven’t already!

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