Project Slayers: What To Expect In Update 2.0

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Project Slayers is getting an update 2.0 that will no doubt bring more content for player to enjoy. But while we wait for the content to come in, do we know anything that’s coming into it? Because some players don’t know what’s going to come in the 2.0 update, which is very surprising. Thankfully, we’re here to tell you everything you can expect to see in Project Slayers latest update. So go ahead and check out what’s going to be added in the newest update soon.

What To Expect In Update 2.0

With the new update comes major content and other things. There are a lot of speculations going around the internet right now about what is going to be in the new update, but we have found the ones that are sure to come into the update: Here is what you can expect:

Project Slayers gameplay.
  • Trading – The developers have stated before that the update will include Trading, which will allow players to trade with other players.
  • New Breathing Styles and Blood Demon Arts – While it’s not been confirmed about which Breathing Styles and Blood Demon Arts that are going to be added, you can expect to find new ways to deal huge amount of damage in the game. Many are speculating that Love, Stone, Sound, and Serpent Breathing Styles are going to be added. However, Blood Demon Art Daki, Doma, and Rui are also speculated to be added, with Doma being the only confirmed one so far.
  • New Character – Right now, we can expect to find at least one new character to join, who is Gyomei Himejima, a user of the Stone Breathing Style. Many are speculating that because he might come in due to Stone being one of the speculated Breathing Styles to be added.
  • New features, areas, and modes – Update 2 also comes with some changes and additions besides new fighting styles and characters. The level cap will likely increase to allow players who are at max level to once again grind, and there are also new game modes for the Doma and Daki bosses. There is also speculation that new locations might be added, which will add new quests and loot as well.
  • New gear – With an update this big, you will no doubt find new gear to be added to the game. Whether it’s weapons, armor, or accessories, these new gears can surely bring some changes to the game that will affect the meta.

That’s all you need to know about what to expect in the 2.0 update in Project Slayers. Did this get you hyped for the newest update? Let us know in the comments below.

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