Project Smash: Complete Beginner’s Guide

The guide to surviving the battlefield.

Project Smash: Complete Beginner's Guide

The core gameplay of Project Smash is the PVP content where everyone fights using different styles and this beginner’s guide will help you grasp the basics. Project Smash has a very high skill ceiling and how you want to proceed from here will depend a lot on your fighting style. But hey, at least you’re not going to get knocked out every 10 seconds!

Complete Beginner’s Guide

The beginner’s guide to Project Smash is having a full understanding of what you can do. Project Smash is inspired a lot from Smash Bros, so if you have played that game, you can guess some of it now.

Basic Mechanics

Players can:

Project Smash guard and block
  • Break Guards
  • Use 4 skills from a fighting style
  • Do 4-hit consecutive basic hits with M1
  • Do uppercut while on air by pressing M1 while looking up
  • Do a slam while on air by pressing M1 while looking down

Playing the Game

What exactly do you do to win in the game? By knocking your enemy out of the field! And with every hit you deal to someone, they get knocked further and further. The percentage above a player’s head indicates just how far you can knock them back.

  • Casual PVP is always crowded with people. You can knock as many as you can for the Cash and EXP.
  • Ranked is a 1v1 mode. Climb the leaderboard!

How To Recover

At the same time, you have to learn how to recover. There’s no way to reduce the percentage on your head. So, learning how to dash back to the field is essential. Depending on your style and the height at which you’re thrown off, you can survive.

Dash, triple jump, dash skill (if available), then dash again. This is a typical method most fighting style can use to recover back to the field.

In case you fall down, you can also climb up the ledge.

Project Smash knockback

How To Increase Percentage

How do you increase someone’s percentage? By hitting them. The more damage a player receives, the further you can knock them back. And at some point, it will reach a range that’ll make it nearly impossible for them to dash back to the field.

All Characters

Purchase new styles at the lobby by spending the Cash from winning any of the game mode. You can get more cash by also spending Robux to speedrun unlocking new styles!

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Project Smash Lobby

Every style has different combos and it’s up to you to find which one to rock. While the style falls under different tiers, each of them comes with their own strength. You can buy them in the lobby!

  • Monk – 15,000 Points
  • Golem – 14,000 Points
  • Rogue – 10,000 Points
  • Bandit – 7,500 Points
  • Viking – 6,000 Points
  • Sumo – 4,750 Points
  • Boxer – 2,750 Points
  • Archer – 1,500 Point
  • Knight – 500 Points
  • Ninja

Every style has a typically “dash” skill that can help with Recovery. Also, make sure to use Uppercut and downward Slam as combo extenders!

And that’s all for the beginner’s guide in Project Smash. Get onto the field and start smacking! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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