Project XL: All Quest & NPC Item Guide (v6.05)

A guide for the new items in v6.05.

Project XL: All Quest & NPC Item Guide (v6.05)

We’re now with the new v6.05 update in Project XL which adds the new NPC Item as well as quest. The Roblox RPG game’s universe is expanding. We’re going to share about where all the new stuff are and make sure you’re not missing out!

All Quest & NPC Item Guide

The new Item Shop NPC now sells a lot of items for abilities. You can find him from Starter area. Buy skills that you want or reset them using Rokakaka.

Project XL new item NPC.

Next to him are also the new Quest NPCs. While previously you have to grind levels by grinding on specific areas without quests, now you have them. These will give you extra EXPs if you report them at the NPCs regularly.

You should be able to find the first quest NPC next to the store.

Project XL quest #1.

After the first area, the second quest NPC is next to the first area. For the second area, you’re going to have to kill 500 HP enemies.

Project XL quest NPC #2.

For the 3rd one, you’ll have to cross the long bridge and then find the pink Flamingo immediately in front of the bridge. The third quest will be killing enemies with 3k HP.

Project XL quest #3.

And the fourth quest NPC is just to the left of the 3rd one. It’ll be for killing enemies with 5k HP.

Project XL quest #4.

Continue going left to find the fifth quest NPC where you can grind enemies with 13k HP. It’s a jump in HP which means they’re much more tanker.

Project XL quest NPC #5.

The sixth quest NPC is further left from here in a swamp area. The enemies have 24k HP.

Project XL quest NPC #6.

And then to the final & seventh quest NPC, turn around and run along the street to find another park area. You’ll find the NPC called KINGKONG and the enemies have 39k HP.

Project XL quest NPC #7.

And then you can grind the bosses when you’re confident. These are bosses that you can find by following the exclamation marks on your map. They’re pretty challenging because you have to fight both Zoro before and after timeskip.

Project XL bosses.

And those are all the quest and item NPC that have been added to Project XL in v6.05. Project XL is not the only one with new updates. We’ll show where you can Awaken Sand Fruit in One Fruit Simulator.


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