Project XL: Fastest Way To Level Up

Reach max level in no time!

Project XL: Fastest Way To Level Up

Leveling up in Project XL, like in any other game, presents a familiar challenge every gamer encounters. Without this, there will be no sense of progression.

However, leveling up is essential for character development in this unique Roblox game. Advancing through the levels grants access to additional content and hastens the process of grinding items that mobs drop.

Here, we will tackle how you could attain the highest level using the fastest way to level up! So, if you’re ready, let’s get started!

Fastest Way To Level Up

Firstly, a lot of players start by doing missions and farming NPCs for some cash. It’s a decent method, but if you’re aiming to level up quickly, you should also include training dummies on your routine.

Training Dummies in Project XL for levelling up.

A must-know tip when dealing with training dummies inside Project XL is that the higher the damage you can deal to them, the higher the experience you can gain per left mouse click.

You should have a good trait and class that boost damage, as this will help you in the meantime while you’re leveling up.

If you have a skill that could hit multiple training dummies simultaneously, you better use that, as it will hasten your progress. But if you can’t, you need to work on what you have.

Fire Breath Project XL

One skill to take note of is Fire Breath, this can apply a burning effect on dummies which can deal damage over time while it enables you to hit two dummies simultaneously.

A great skill for leveling up fast. Mixing this skill while hitting your left mouse button will further improve your experience progress rate!

Another thing to remember is that you should take advantage of your mouse settings if you’re using a gaming mouse. Let’s say you’re using a Logitec mouse. In their program, you can set up your macros for AFK farming.

Multiple dummies for faster level in Project XL.

If you have Yami’s Dark Magic, you can find a location where you can potentially hit 4 to 5 target dummies at a time. Using Blaster Class and Legendary trait, you can level up pretty fast with this method.

Yami Dark Magic for fast level in Project XL.

If this area is not working for you, let’s move to the best spot (shown below) where you can reach level 1000 in 40 minutes!

When you’re in this position, aim at the tree where the red dot is placed. By doing this, hitting Yami’s Dark Magic letter E skill will let you hit 5 to 7 target dummies per skill. Accompanied with the Macro of your choice, you can cook your breakfast and come back at level 1000 without sweat!

Best level up spot in Project XL.

Once you reach a decent level and can handle yourself, mix in some missions, and AFK in the leveling area for added benefits.

Overall, training dummies in other gaming platforms are sometimes found to be useless. But in Project XL, they’re the best target for experience points. You can also try different skills and you might discover your own exp grinding spot that suits your style! So why not start it right now?

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