Project XL: Best Dragon Ball Farming Method

You don’t have to spend countless hours.

The Dragon Balls in Project XL are essential for your character’s growth in terms of gold or strength. You’ll be asked by Shenron (a wish-granting dragon from the famous Dragon Ball anime series) seven dragon balls for him to grant your wish.

If you’re interested in efficiently farming these precious Dragon Balls but don’t know where to start, fear not because we have you covered!

You must optimize your farming methods to maximize your yield for a better gameplay experience and faster growth. Let’s discuss what you need and how to farm these Dragon Balls to achieve this feat!

Best Dragon Ball Farming Method

In Project XL, Dragon Balls are farmed through fighting bosses over and over again. While it may sound simple at first, it takes a while. I’m here to show you the best way to farm Dragon Balls!

Locating the NPC’s

Dragon Balls can only be obtained by defeating bosses with a low 2% drop chance. This ranges from one to seven dragon balls. You can locate the bosses quickly by rotating your screen until you see a faint exclamation mark. This indicates the location of the said bosses that you need to defeat.

Follow exclamation marks in Project XL to see boss locations for Dragon Ball.

Follow through this guiding mark, and you’ll eventually reach this desert-like map where the Bosses are spawned. Remember that you’ll be transported back to the spawn area once you die. So be careful, you might get tired of traveling instead of fighting these NPCs.

Project XL Guiding Mark for bosses.

The fastest way to defeat the Boss

First and foremost, before facing these NPC Bosses, you should aim for nothing less than a level 1000 armor that enhances your magic. Having Yami’s Dark Magic is a must because all you will need is the “R” ability. It is a devastating long-range attack capable of inflicting damage that allows you to hit the NPC Bosses to a point where their attacks won’t reach you.

Yami Dark Magic to easily beat boss and get Dragon Ball in Project XL.

Take advantage of your gears by getting a race that doubles your magic. Doubling your magic means doubling the potential damage you can give your opponents. It is important to note that if you have the ability that increases your crit chance or that could crit, that would be helpful, but it’s not needed.

Once you’re done preparing, you’ll enjoy almost a sure one-hit attack on the bosses. This allows you to maximize your farming without hassle.

Boss Fight in Project XL.

This method allows you to farm a set of Dragon Balls or just one within two hours. Faster farming methods will output better growth in your character per day, so if you’re already set to the task of collecting several Dragon Balls per day. Then power up your magic and start farming!

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