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Prongfruit Location – God Of War Ragnarok

Find the Prongfruit location using this guide.

Kratos doing favors for people can be highly unusual. This is the same Kratos that killed an entire pantheon of gods because they have stabbed him in the back (and the front) multiple times. Yet after falling in love with Faye, a giantess from Jotunheim, and having a son together, Kratos mellowed down, albeit always having moments where his anger gets the best of him. But he has mellowed down enough that people can ask him favors without getting their heads ripped off for looking at him wrong. This guide will help you complete of the favors.

God Of War Ragnarok – Prongfruit Location

The Prongfruit can be found in Svartalfheim. Go to the bridge here, near the Myrkr Tunnels.

Go along the wooden path and follow it.

Instead of continuing down the wooden path, go right when you see an opening.

You should see a marking that you can climb over. Approach it and climb it.

Once you have climbed over, go right and you should see something shining on the ground. Approach it and you will be able to dig up the Prongfuit, which is an ingredient for one of the favors.

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