Rancer Shrine All Switch & Spawn Location in Undertale Last Reset

Where are all the switches and decals for the Rancer boss in Undertale Last Reset?

Undertale: Last Reset is a fan experience on Roblox that is heavily inspired by the hit indie game Undertale, and it features a wide range of secrets and challenging boss fights that players can take on.

In this guide, we’ll try to help you gain access to the Rancer Shrine and the boss fight that you can attempt after finding a set of hidden switches.

Rancer Shrine All Switch & Spawn Location

First of all, in order to enter the Rancer Shrine, you have to find a Rancer Decal. It is basically an image of Rancer that can spawn in certain locations on the map.

Other players have noted that this can show up in different places for every server, so we’ve compiled some of the possible spawn locations below:

Decal Spawn #1

One of the easiest places to check for the Rancer decal is directly to the right of where you first spawn into the game.

After spawning, simply run to the right and you will find it behind one of the objects beside the giant red arrow.

Undertale Last Reset decal 1

Decal Spawn #2

For the next one, run to the opposite end of the road, directly to the left of where you spawn. Then, leap up into the buildings to your left.

If you look behind these buildings, you’ll see that there is a thin green platform that you can stand on. A decal can potentially spawn on one of the walls back here.

Undertale Last Reset decal 2

Decal Spawn #3

Upon going down from the previous decal’s potential location, you’ll immediately see a small blue trash bin in one corner. A decal can supposedly spawn right on the back of this bin.

Undertale Last Reset decal 3

Decal Spawn #4

Another possible spawn location can be found very close to the previous one. Simply leave the corner and walk over to the floating green neon signs.

Right behind these signs is an incredibly tight alleyway. Simply look to your right and you may find a decal right there.

Undertale Last Reset decal 4

Decal Spawn #5

If you still haven’t found it, proceed through the alleyway and cross the road. The decal can potentially spawn behind the arrow sign on the sidewalk.

Undertale Last Reset decal 5

Decal Spawn #6

For the next possible location, proceed to where the arrow is pointing and run toward the marketplace. To the right of the marketplace is a sign, and right behind it, a decal can spawn.

Undertale Last Reset decal 6

Decal Spawn #7

Finally, one of the confirmed possible locations is near the actual shrine itself. First, return to where you initially spawned upon entering the game.

To the right of the spawn, where the giant red arrow is pointing, simply run down this direction and enter the building.

Inside this structure, you will find a stack of boxes in one corner. Behind one of these boxes is another possible spawn location for the Rancer decal.

Undertale Last Reset decal 7

Rancer Shrine

After clicking on the Rancer decal, it will fade away, indicating that you have successfully unlocked the shrine.

Go to the structure from Decal Spawn #7 and enter the dark corner where there is a phone sitting on top of a table. Keep walking through this hallway and enter the bright doorway at the end.

In the next room, you will see a giant portrait of Rancer. You can walk through this to get to the actual boss room.

Undertale Last Reset rancer shrine location

Upon your first time entering the boss arena, Rancer will give you a challenge wherein you have to activate six switches hidden all around the map, then you will be teleported back in spawn.

Undertale Last Reset rancer

Switch #1

For the first switch, run over to the left from where you spawned. At the end of the road, jump onto the buildings to your left.

Once you’re up top, drop down behind the buildings and you should land on a green platform (same as where one of the decals could potentially spawn). The switch should be right on the wall.

Undertale Last Reset switch 1

Switch #2

Once you make it down the building from the previous switch, run all the way to the left and go through the alleyway.

Upon exiting the alleyway, you’ll find yourself on a sidewalk. Simply cross the road and check behind the sign beside the large tunnel. The second switch should be right there.

Undertale Last Reset switch 2

Switch #3

After flicking the previous one, proceed up the building to your left. There should be a flight of stairs just a few steps away from the second switch.

Once you make it up top, follow the green path until you see a pink door off into the distance to your left. Walk up to it and you should find the third switch right behind the door.

Undertale Last Reset switch 3

Switch #4

Next, head back to the spawn area. Once you make it back to the giant red arrow sign, head over to the staircase directly to the left of the giant tunnel.

After climbing up the stairs, just enter through the doorway next to you and the fourth switch should be on a wall to your right.

Undertale Last Reset switch 4

Switch #5

From the previous switch, simply jump down and head over to the green dumpster straight ahead. The fifth switch is going to be on its right side.

Undertale Last Reset switch 5

Switch #6

Finally, for the sixth and last switch, head back inside the building to your right, where you entered to go into the shrine earlier.

Upon reaching the hole in the corner where the telephone is, you should immediately spot the switch right in front of the table, stuck just behind one of the bricks.

Undertale Last Reset switch 6

After flicking the last switch, simply head back over to the shrine and enter the boss arena. Once you’re inside, you’ll be faced with a tough boss fight with various potential rewards.

And that’s pretty much it for all the switches and decals that you have to look for in Undertale: Last Reset! According to the game’s listing, it is constantly being updated and more secrets are bound to be added over time!

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