Return to Safe Harbor Guide – Genshin Impact

Maneuver with your Waverider and defeat all the treasure hoarders in the sea!

The items of the Jade Chamber are incredibly valuable, and the treasure hoarders have their eyes on them. Use your Waverider to sail out on the sea and defeat the treasure hoarders. This guide will show you how you can complete the Return to Safe Harbor event.

Return to Safe Harbor— Genshin Impact

To start the event, you need to go to the northern part of the Guyun Stone Forest. Summon your Waverider first using the Waverider waypoint in the area and head to the event area. Once you are there, you will see a prompt to start the challenge.

Select Start Challenge and start attacking the Treasure Hoarders that appear on their rafts. Focus your attacks on the rafts and pick up the wooden boxes that are floating close to the rafts. These wooden boxes are the items of the Jade Chamber.

Follow the current, avoiding the whirlpools and collecting both the coins and boxes on the water.

Use the current to boost the speed of your Waverider and bring the item to the designated area. You can also attack the explosive barrels on the rafts and barricades to destroy them.

Bring the items to the shore and your challenge will be complete!

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