RoBending Online: Best Armour For Every Element

This is the best armour for any playstyle!

Players might be wondering whether the new Water Temple update has affected the armour beta in Roblox Robending Online. To cut to the chase, no. Unlike the Air Temple update where players had to readjust their kits due to new additions to the game, there are no changes to the best armour for every element in this update. That being said, I’m going to list down the best armour you can equip so far.

Best Armour For Every Element

Picking your element in RoBending Online is going to affect your gameplay and your kit. Different items can benefit different elements, so players have to be strategic about what they equip. Some armour will be more effective against some elements than others, and some can even strengthen your damage output depending on the element.

Here, I’ll discuss the best armour you can equip for any element in Robending Online.

This is a gameplay still from RoBending Online.

Prodigy’s Armor

The Prodigy’s Armor is a Legendary status armour that grants the following stats:

  • Element Mastery +80
  • Health +35%
  • Resistance +20
  • Stamina +25%

Nonbenders and any element bender can get and equip this armour. 

Prodigy's Armor info page.

How To Obtain

You can obtain the Prodigy’s Armor by beating the Prodigy Boss. This is located on Fire Island which you have to be level 60 to reach.

SIDE NOTE: Trying to improve your fire bending? Here’s a guide on how to turn your flame blue!

Once you reach Fire Island, walk straight forward into the castle. When you reach the courtyard you can play with up to 8 people. In truth, you just need at least 4 people with decent stats to pull this off. 

This the castle you need to go to.

It’s recommended to have at least one Lightning and one Lava user to clear this boss easily. The Lava user can learn the move Lava Pool to get more damage off and easily beat the boss.

If you don’t get the armor the first time, keep challenging the boss until the RNG drops it. There’s a 1.5% drop rate with this item, so be prepared to do this a few times.

And that’s it! The Prodigy’s Armor is the best armour for every element so far. It’s an all-rounded piece of kit that works for even non-benders, making it a flexible addition to your unit.


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