RoBending Online: How To Turn Your Flame Blue

Rarest flame ever?!

Blue Flame is one of the rarest boss drops you can find in Robending Online. This flame is also known as the Prodigy’s Flame, and it has a drop chance of 0.2%. In this guide, we will show you how you are going to get it, but you are going to need a little bit of luck as well! Let’s see everything you need to do to turn your flame blue in RoBending Online.

How To Turn Your Flames Blue

Once you reach level 60 in RoBending Online, the Fire Island is going to become available for you to visit. In order to reach the Fire Island, you just need to sail a boat, and go to the north direction of Harmony City.

Heading to the Fire Island in RoBending Online.

After reaching Fire City, go straight ahead, pass the huge statue and you will see a temple ahead. Get to that temple, and go to the room located on the left of the entrance.

Here, you will have a chance to get into the Prodigy Mission. It is a huge and difficult dungeon. This mission has an 8-person participant restriction, however you can also attempt to complete it solo. As it is not pretty easy to beat, we recommend you to play with a couple of friends though.

Prodigy's Mission in RoBending Online.

If you can beat the boss of the Prodigy Mission, you will have a 0.2% chance of obtaining the Prodigy’s flame, which is extremely rare. Make sure to take a look at our Best PVE & PVP Element Guide help you out in your challenge, and we wish you all the luck to get this rare flame!


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