Roblox – BEST Battlegrounds Games Tier List | Best to Worst

All of these games are great to try out!

Roblox - BEST Battlegrounds Games Tier List | Best to Worst

In ROBLOX, there are a lot of games you can choose from. With various genres, you’ll get to play hangout, fighting or adventure games. The battlegrounds genre is getting more popular among players and there has been many games released in recent months.

As a battlegrounds genre enthusiast, you’ll want to know the best games to play. In this article, we’ll show you the tier list for some of the most popular Battleground Games from Best to Worst. However, keep it in mind that we all have different preferences of which game is the best so choose the game that fits you the most!

BEST Battlegrounds Games Tier List | Best to Worst

1. The Strongest Battlegrounds

The Strongest Battlegrounds is the best game in this list! This game has an amazing combat system with unique effects, combos as well as many other features. With up to 4 classes you can choose from, you’ll be able to participate in fights with many other players.

There is also a combo system for you to try in this game. As you play and get better, there will be lots of combos for you to practice. These combos will allow you to do chain damage to your opponents, giving you a higher chance of winning. Overall, this game is amazing and you should definitely give it a try!

The Strongest Battlegrounds Roblox - BEST Battlegrounds Games Tier List | Best to Worst

2. Z Battlegrounds

Z Battlegrounds is another popular game in this list with lots of players daily. In this game, you’ll get to utilize complicated combos and show off your skills. In this one open and big map, you can choose to become one of the four classes in the game and engage in battles with other players.

If you are not someone that likes to be involved in chaotic fights with a lot of people, you can also go for 1v1 modes. Z Battlegrounds offer you the option to fight 1v1 against a random player. This will also give you the opportunity to practice your moves and combos without a third person interrupting the fight.

Z Battlegrounds

3. Heroes Battlegrounds

The battleground in Heroes Battleground looks like a training ground, which is fun to look at. In this game, you’ll also get to use environmental objects to defeat your opponents. For example, you can use trash cans and trees to help you in your fights.

There are a lot of in-game options, with up to 4 characters you can choose from. Heroes Battlegrounds will also offer you amazing gameplay effects and sounds. You can also type in your friends’ names and join them in a server, which is also really great.

Heroes Battlegrounds

4. My Hero Battlegrounds

In My Hero Battlegrounds, you’ll get to engage in intense fights with other players. The game has relatively good effects, sounds as well as abilities you can choose from. There is also a RNG system where you get to roll for a chance of obtaining new skill sets.

My Hero Battlegrounds

5. Nen Battlegrounds

Nen Battlegrounds has a big map which has been greatly improved over time by the developers. This game has amazing effects when it comes to your abilities. In the image down below, you’ll be able to see the amazing fiery effects when you use a skill.

However, there is only two characters currently available in the game and one of them is early access. Anyways, hop into the game and try it out for yourself! There are settings options for you like low graphics, auto use, low graphics and more for you to play more effectively.

Nen Battlegrounds Roblox - BEST Battlegrounds Games Tier List | Best to Worst

6. Sorcerer Battlegrounds

The best thing about this Sorcerer Battlegrounds game is the detailed map. When it comes to combat, the fighting is also fun with a lot of options. Despite the fun gameplay and the amazing fight experience, this game only has two playable characters. One of the character isn’t released yet and you will need to spend some Robux for early access.

Sorcerer Battlegrounds

7. Chainsaw Man Battleground

This game is not as good compared to other games the list. This is because most of the contents aren’t completed and there isn’t a lot for you to experience. For example, the shop only has 2 different skins you can go for. There’s also a “Nuke’ Gamepass that allows the buyer to nuke the whole server, and no one probably wants that.

Chainsaw Man Battleground

However, on the bright side, this game has up to 7 characters you can choose from with different sets of abilities. Depending on your playstyle, you’ll want to choose a character that suits you the most. You can always give Chainsaw Man Battleground a try if you want to!

That’s the Tier List for the BEST to WORST Roblox Battlegrounds games you can try. These are still some of the most popular games out there, so they are still really decent games to try in general. Spend some time and give each game a try, then you’ll know which game is the best for you!

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