Roblox Ohio: Complete Pirate Update Guide & Treasure Hunt Locations

Find all the treasure and leave no stone unturned.

Roblox Ohio: Complete Pirate Update Guide & Treasure Hunt Locations

The Pirate update is upon us in Roblox Ohio and it’s time to hunt for some treasure. We’re going to show you all of the locations here as well as the location of a treasure map. And don’t forget to check out all the new pirate-themed furniture at the shop. Have fun treasure hunting! And before we start, here’s a new code for free $5k in Roblox Ohio: Pirate. Yoink it now.

Roblox Ohio: Complete Pirate Update Guide & Treasure Hunt Locations

There are 12 treasure locations for the treasure hunt event, a treasure map, and new furnitures. We started with a new code above. And next up is the treasure hunt which rewards the Skull ‘n Bones AS Val skin.

Treasure Hunt Locations (12)

For the treasure hunt, you’ll be able to see giant red cross mark where the treasure is. The dig does take a while.

First location is just outside of the bank around the main houses. Easy to find with the red mark here if you jump up the roof.

First treasure hunt location.

Second location is just right outside of Val house or the black market dealer. It’s around the sandy, picnic area.

Second treasure hunt location.

The third location is on top of the Carnival Mountains.

Third treasure hunt location.

The fourth location is just behind the bank or just next to the DB.

Fourth treasure hunt location.

The fifth location of the treasure is in the graveyard area which is the bottom right of the map.

Ffith treasure hunt location.

And then the sixth location of the treasure is just to the left of the graveyard, the southmost area on the map which is the beach.

Sixth treasure hunt location.

The seventh location in the back area of the paintball game. Find the paintball area on the rightmost area on the map.

Seventh treasure hunt location.

Next time, head to the opposite side of the map for the eighth location. Find the treasure spot on the side of the road just across the pizzeria. It is to the north from the furnture store.

Eighth treasure hunt location.

For the ninth location you can find it just outside of the military base which is near the mountains.

Ninth treasure hunt location.

The tenth location of the treasure is just ion front of Scar L as you can see below.

Tenth treasure hunt location.

The eleventh location is between the armory and the mountains. It is inside the tunnel that connects the two and you can find the location on the map below.

Eleventh treasure hunt location.

For the twelfth location and final treasure, go to the cave where you mine for gems which is on the rightmost area of the map.

Twelfth treasure hunt location.

New Ship and Sword

You can buy a new sword and hop on the new boat that spawns near on the Carnival Lake. You can find chest with random prizes on the new boat, so don’t miss it. However, don’t forget to bring several lockpicks to open the chests.

And don’t forget to check out the new cool furniture with a pirate theme! That’s it for the Pirate update guide this time. If you have no money to buy them, here are some tips to get money fast in the game!


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