Roblox Olympia: Complete Beginner’s Guide


Roblox Olympia beginner's guide
Roblox Olympia beginner's guide

Jumping into Roblox Olympia might be a tad confusing as there are no tutorials for beginners. This guide will set you up ready to be Mr. Olympia in no time! We’ll show you the ropes and tips to spend your time efficiently while grinding for strengths.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

The main goal in this game is to become Mr. Olympia and to do that, you have to train six strength areas until you become Mr. Olympia. At the beach, there are lot of equipment that you can use to train, but the best ones are highlighted below.

It’s easiest to start with the Bench Press and then the press next to it. Every rep will increase your strength and you must start with no weights and only warmups. Note that you will see when your strength increases and if you don’t, your game is bugged and you need to reset.

Alternatively, make your own Private Server so you can have everything to yourself and avoid the bug. To relieve Muscle Pain, sit on the bench. To replenish energy, drink your monster drink.

It’s about finding the best equipment that gives you the fastest reps and then adding weights as you get faster. The first three equipment you should focus on are these three. Alternate between these three for that balanced Pectoral, Biceps, and Triceps Strength grind.

Add deadlift to your repertoire for extra Back Strength grind. The equipment next to it will increase your core, but do note it’s also a pain to do because of the slow reps so just be patient.

Once you’re at Pro level, head to the Trial Sands which is beyond the tunnel. Grind for money there so you can get enough money to buy Strength buffs at the store. Work on the ones that give you the fastest reps!

And don’t forget to buy heavier weights at the store! You need them to increase your strength gain rate.

And as you proceed, you now need to work on Core, Leg, and Back Strengths. Deadlift is the best for Back while Core is best with the self-life equipment next to it. Leg is best with either the Squat (the ones with red weights) or the the leg equipment as highlighted in the first picture. The more weights you can add to your reps, the more efficient it’ll get.

The rest is just you jamming that E button until you reach 10m on each limb. Keep grinding!

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