RoboCop Rogue City: Too Many Complaints Choices Guide

So many decisions to make, but which ones to choose?

In RoboCop: Rogue City, you play the role of the titular robotic police officer. Throughout the game, you will be making choices as to whether or not you want to win the trust of the masses or strictly uphold the law.

Each of your choices will affect how the citizens of Old Detroit perceive you, and this is immediately apparent at the start of the game with the Too Many Complaints mission. So, here’s a quick rundown on the choices you’ll get during this short quest.

Too Many Complaints Choices Guide

During the Too Many Complaints quest, you’ll be asked to open up a new line for people coming in to voice their concerns. As you take your spot on the podium beside the busy cop, you’ll be met with three different people.

Dog Lover

First up, a dog owner will complain about his hostile neighbors, who are bothered by how he shouts “Fire, Fire!” every time he calls on his pet.

Picking the “Issue a warning” option will get you points towards serving the public trust, while choosing to give him a ticket for disrupting public order will go towards upholding the law.

RoboCop dog lover

Shady Informant

Next up, a suspiciously guilty-looking individual will walk up to you and tell you that they have information about a wanted criminal.

He immediately reveals that he is the person on the wanted poster, and he’ll demand a reward for turning himself in.

RoboCop informant

Rather than rewarding him, you have the option of telling him that he might get a reduced sentence. This option will net you points towards public trust.

On the other hand, choosing the “No, you do not” option will lead to you getting points towards upholding the law.

RoboCop informant 2

A Concerned Mother

Finally, a woman will ask for help in finding her missing son. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been gone for long enough to be considered a “missing person.”

By choosing the “Come back in 24 hours” option, you will gain points towards upholding the law. On the flip side, picking the “Provide me with details” option is considered to be serving the public trust.

RoboCop mother

And those are all the choices in the Too Many Complaints mission. There are many more similar choices to make throughout the game, and you’ll want to be very careful with what you pick to get the best possible outcomes!

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