Rust: How To Make An Automatic Crafter

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Rust: How to Make an Automatic Crafter

Rust just recently released its newest update called the Rust Industrial. In this update, they gave the players relief in waiting for the crafting time of all items by introducing the Automatic Crafter. From the name itself, it will automatically craft any items once it is connected to a workbench.

In this article, I will show you how to make an Automatic Crafter and what you need to do in order for it to function as intended. This will revolutionize the crafting speed and capabilities of every player in Rust.

How To Make An Automatic Crafter

The Automatic Crafter is a simple but effective machine that you can make in Rust. Like any other machine, it requires power and should be connected to a source, which is the Workbench.

To craft one, all you need is 50 Wood and 8 Stone. Once you have a workbench, you can place it wherever you want. Once you have crafted the Workbench, attach the Industrial crafter to the workbench to turn it into an automatic crafter. Rust: How To Make An Automatic CrafterRust: How to Make an Automatic Crafter

With the Industrial Crafter at hand, you can now make an automated system for your crafting needs. All you need to do is link each object and it will get the job done. Kinda similar to using Red Stones in Minecraft for making an automated sorting system. This can help you sort your items when you activate the automatic crafting and you decide to farm outside for materials.

Here’s a list of objects or materials that you will need for this setup:

  1. Generator – The generator will give power to the devices that are connected to each object such as the Industrial Crafter, Industrial Conveyors, and storage adapters
  2. Mechanical Devices – These are the devices that will help with the automation of your Workbench, such as the Pipes, Industrial Conveyors, Storage adapters, and Industrial Crafter.
  3. Storage – Basically, you need 2 storage chests. One for the ingredients and one for the finished products.
  4. Workbench – The Workbench is the important object, this will enable the machine to craft all the objects you want, as long as you have the blueprints. You can either use Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3. I suggest you stick with the Tier 3 Workbench.

Steps On Making the Automated Workstation

Once you have all of these objects or materials, we will proceed with making your workstation operate automatically. The steps are plain and simple, easy to follow, and hassle-free. Just make sure you have everything needed for this setup.

  1. First place the Generator at the end, you can choose what side you want to put it on. Next is the Chests, after the storage is the Workbench, and finally the other storage for the finished products. It should look like the picture below. Rust: How to Make an Automatic Crafter
  2. Next up, place your Storage Adapters on top of each chest. Then place the Industrial Conveyors right beside the workbench. After doing all that, place the Industrial Crafter on top of the Workbench. Rust: How to Make an Automatic Crafter
  3. After placing all the conveyors and adapters. It’s now time to connect the Pipes. It’s really simple. All industrial output should go into the Industrial Input as shown in the picture below. Rust: How to Make an Automatic Crafter
  4. Of course, this will require power. That’s when the Generator comes into play. All you need to do is connect a power cord to one of the Power outputs on the generator. Then connect it to the power input of the Industrial conveyor. You can use the Passthrough of the conveyors and connect it to the rest of the device as shown in the picture below. Rust: How to Make an Automatic Crafter
  5. Now that you have set up your automated workstation. Time to put it to work. Put a blueprint in the Industrial Crafter. I suggest you use bullets or bandages, but you can make anything you want. Make sure that there are ingredients inside the first chest. Turn on the devices and that’s it! You made your Automatic Crafting Station.
  6. Addition to this workstation. If you want to add more chests for more ingredient storage. Place as much storage as you want then put a Storage adapter on each chest. Next is put an Industrial Combiner near the Industrial Conveyor. Connect each Pipe of the Storage adapter to the Industrial Combiner. It should look like this. Rust: How to Make an Automatic Crafter

When you are finished with the Automatic crafter, you can now place the blueprints in the machine, put some ingredients or materials and it will now make the item. Keep an eye on the machine though, since its inventory space is limited to 4 slots only. This is best used for making bullets, bandages, or explosives while you farm outside for the resources.

Rust: How to Make an Automatic Crafter

Rust: How To Make An Automatic Crafter

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