Rust: How To Change Characters

Can you get out of your female character?

Rust: How To Change Characters

Hardcore survival game RUST is tough where you have to make do with whatever you’ve got including characters and perhaps you want to change at least that. This is a question that’s been long asked by players and perhaps something that veterans also wish to have. Let’s talk about how you can change how your characters look in the game.

How To Change Characters

While it’s possible to put on clothes and armors to change your character’s outfit, it is unfortunately impossible to change what it looks like. Currently, what you can do best is to find armors and other pieces of wearable to change how you look. But your physical body will remain the same.

This is a pretty unusual game rule, as most sandbox games allow players to customize their characters to look unique. From gender, hair, eye color, to skin color. But in Rust, you’re stuck with what you have for the rest of eternity. For most of the time though, you don’t see your character as Rust has a first-person perspective.

Rust has first-person perspective.

The only method players have been using is just buying different accounts until they get the look they want. This is the only way to change characters, but otherwise, you’re stuck with what you have forever. Which is the way the game has been since it was launched.

Developer Facepunch Studios doubled down on this when they added new models nearly a decade ago. Players are going to look completely random and those models are tied to their SteamID. Which is to say, doesn’t matter how many times you die, you won’t get the look you want.

Now that you’ve come to terms with not being able to change characters in Rust, here’s another guide. Get some scraps fast with these tips!


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