Sakura Stand: How To Find Secret Spec Binah (Secret NPC Guide)

Who wants the Spec Binah?

Sakura Stand: How To Find Secret Spec Binah (Secret NPC Guide)

Spec Binah has been rumored in Sakura Stand for a while now. This secret NPC is shrouded in mystery as players race to figure out a way to find her. As of now, some of you may or may not have encountered her accidentally. We’ll reveal the secrets here and help you figure out how to spawn her.

How To Find Secret Spec Binah

Spec Binah is a boss that spawns with a chance as low as 1 in 6000. To clarify, there’s no place you need to go or any activity you need to be involved in. Spec Binah has a chance to spawn every minute depending on how many players are in the lobby. She will only spawn in public lobby and the more people you have, the higher are the chances you can spawn her!

So, here are her spawn chance details:

  • 15 players = 1/3000
  • 11-14 players = 1/3500
  • 6-10 players = 1/4500
  • 2-5 players = 1/5500
  • 1 player = 1/6000
Secret Spech Binah showcase.

Spec Binah drops only ONE item for a single player every time. So you’ll have to fight for your chance the more people is in the lobby. It’s definitely a huge battle of who’s luckier as you naturally want to be in a crowded lobby to increase your chances of summoning her.

That’s how you spawn the new Spec Binah boss in Sakura Stand. Moving on next, here’s how you can summon the Roland boss in the game.


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