Sakura Stand: How To Summon New Roland Boss Guide

Time to fight the new Raid Boss in the game!

Sakura Stand How To Summon New Roland Boss Guide

Having a new boss in an MMORPG is a great way to test your power, especially if you’re at the end game. Some games often have updates where they add new bosses and raids to keep players interested and they can be a challenge!

In Sakura Stand, there’s a small update that added a new Raid Boss in the game. You can even get Roland as a reward for it, but you’ll need to know how to summon the boss first! It’s not as simple as just going somewhere and fighting it.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can Summon the new Raid Boss in Sakura Stand. We’ll go through what you’ll need to do and where to go. Now let’s see how we can fight this new boss!

How To Summon New Roland Boss Guide

There are a lot of different bosses in the game and most of them drop some cool loot for you to play with. These can be items or even fighting styles that you can equip so it’s good to know how you can find these bosses. Here’s how you can spawn the newest raid boss in the game.

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Here are the steps that we’ll be taking to summon the new Raid Boss:

  1. Go to the Ruined City Map.
  2. Speak to the NPC “Eyegonis, #1 Roland Hater.”
  3. Accept the quest from the NPC.
  4. Go to Hope and interact with it to “Call Upon” a boss.
  5. You want to fail the summon until it turns into “Despair.”
  6. Summon the new Raid Boss using Despair!

This article continues with a detailed walkthrough down below!

Detailed Walkthrough

To summon the new Raid Boss, you’ll first need to go to the Ruined City Map. There, next to the spawn, you’ll find the new NPC called “Eyegonis, #1 Roland Hater.” Talk to him to accept the quest to kill Roland, you need to have the quest to be able to summon him.

Sakura Stand Roland Quest
Sounds easy enough right?

Once you’ve acquired the quest, you’ll want to go to the “Hope” in the middle of the city where you usually summon Deku. There is a chance of it failing and when you fail, there is a chance for Hope to turn into “Despair.” If you’re lucky enough to get Despair, interact with it to “Call Upon” the new Raid Boss.

Sakura Stand Despair Call Upon
Fail the summoning until you get despair!

When you interact with Despair, The Black Silence boss will appear. It’s one of the toughest bosses in the game, so make sure that you have the best raid group you can muster. As of now, there is no way of defeating the boss solo, so be sure to be with other players.

The boss is fast and can summon other NPCs like Angelica and it can even spawn weapons that will fight you. This boss also has multiple phases and at Phase 4, it makes the screen darker and harder for you to see the enemies.

Sakura Stand The Black Silence
Get your team ready for the toughest raid boss!

If you defeat the boss, there is a small chance that you can get a glove item that will give you Roland Spec! That’s how you can summon the new Roland Raid Boss in Sakura Stand. Now go out there and try to fight it with your raid team! There is another way to get Roland in the game, check out our How to Get Roland Guide for more details!


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