Sakura Stand: How To Get Sukuna & Showcase

He Alone is the Honored One.

The Sukuna update is finally here for Sakura Stand. A much-awaited update that adds a new obtainable spec in the form of Sukuna. Players can now use a variety of new moves, providing them with so much potential for more combos.

You will want to check it out too as the moves are incredibly powerful, with an entire quest dedicated to obtaining it.

However, the obtainment method for getting the Sukuna Spec can be a bit tedious and confusing. Not to worry, we have you sorted out. In this guide, we will look at two ways in which we can get the Sukuna Spec.

You can then decide which one you want to use. Additionally, we will also showcase the moves you get with it. Let’s dive in and get this Spec!

How To Get Sukuna & Showcase

There are two ways in which you can get Sukuna. You can then choose which one you would like to go for. Unfortunately, both of them will require either grinding or using Roblox to make it simpler. A recent change that we will discuss has made this grind much better though, as you will see.

Method #1 – Eating Fingers

The first method requires you to eat Cursed Fingers so that you can speak to Sukuna for the quest. However, there is only a chance that the Finger will actually count.

When you consume a Finger, you want a red flash to appear followed by a red message below, as this indicates that the Finger counted.

This red message will not always appear, and you will need to get this message a total of 15 times. As a result, you will need to consume a lot of Fingers.

Luckily, the success rate for the Fingers has been increased to 50% and the spawn rate for Curses has also been increased. 

In this way, you can obtain Fingers much easier, although the grind is still very high. At certain points, the Finger success may even glitch out. So, it is possible that your Fingers might not count either.

Eating Fingers in Sakura Stand.

Besides killing Curses, you can also farm Fingers. You can obtain Fingers by killing players that have a Sakuna Vessel. This item has a 50% chance of spawning every 5 minutes on a random player.

So, we recommend that you create a private server and farm the Fingers in this way with at least four other players.

In this way, you can get the high number of Fingers that you will need for this Sukuna Spec.

Farming Fingers in Sakura Stand.

Once you have successfully consumed 15 Fingers, you can go and talk to the Sukuna NPC. He will finally consider you worthy, and now you get the opportunity to fight the Sukuna Boss 1v1.

Talking to Sukuna NPC in Sakura Stand.

You can fight him as many times as you want. After you defeat the boss, you will get the Sukuna Spec. However, he can be really difficult to defeat. We suggest that you keep your distance from him as he can be very difficult to defeat.

A great way to fight him is to dash in, complete yout combos, and then keep your distance to regain your cooldown before repeating the same steps. Once you defeat him, you will obtain the Sukuna Spec.

Fighting Sukuna Boss in Sakura Stand.

Method #2 – Roll for Banner

The second method for getting the Sukuna Spec is through the King of Curses Banner. Getting this Banner is extremely difficult and luck-based, as you will need to Roll for it with a fairly low chance to get. Additionally, you will also need to acquire Tokens so that you can actually Roll for the Banners. 

Check out this How To Get Tokens Guide which shows you multiple ways to get Tokens. After that, you can access the Banner option from the GUI settings.

Banner option in Sakura Stand.

Then, you can Roll for Banners until you get the King of Curses. With this Banner, you automatically acquire the Sukuna Spec without needing to go through the quest or any other requirements in the previous method.

However, this method is less reliable and more luck-based. You will likely either need to grind a lot, or spend Robux.

Rolling for Banner in Sakura Stand.

Sukuna Spec Showcase

Starting up, we have the M1 Attacks for the Sukuna Spec. When you spam these attacks, you can do the simple Curse Combo.

This combo deals 6 damage at the start and the second move, followed by a 24 damage kick that throws your opponent to the ground.

Sukuna M1 attacks in Sakura Stand.

Next up, we have the Dismantle Combo which can be done with the E key. Your character holds out their hand and cuts your opponent to do 32 damage.

After the animation, your character does an X sign dismantle that does 12 damage and 4 Bleed.

Sukuna Dismantle Combo in Sakura Stand.

The Head Crusher move with the R key can be incredibly powerful. Your character grabs the nearest character in your hitbox, teleports above and then slams them down to the ground. A very strong move that does 40 damage at once.

Sukuna Head Crusher move in Sakura Stand.

The Flame Ballista is a ranged attack that you can use with the T Key. Your character charges a flame arrow and shoots it towards the enemy. The flame arrow does 119 damage and 6 Burn, which can affect multiple people at once.

Sukuna Flame Ballista move in Sakura Stand.

You can achieve multiple things with the Speed Blitz move, using the Y key. Your character dashes forward with speed and begins dealing 6 damage per slash, for a total of 57 damage altogether. A great move that enables both damage and mobility.

Speed Blitz move in Sakura Stand.

The Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine is the Ultimate move for the Sukuna Spec with the G key.

Your characters open up a large shrine from the ground, completely changing the battlefield. It begins to deal 2 damage per hit over a large AoE section of the map, doing 120 Damage altogether.

Domain Expansion Sukuna move in Sakura Stand.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Sukuna Spec in the game. We have also provided a Showcase that shows all the moves and the exact damages that they do. A great Spec that you will want to add to your collection. We also recommend that you experiment with the moves to come up with new combos that will help you immensely against other players.

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