Sakura Stand: How To Get Tokens Guide

Now you can get all the banners!

Sakura Stand revolves around fighting NPCs and other players using unique abilities and move sets. You can also grind for a number of things in the game, such as banners, cosmetics and other items.

One such item are Tokens that many players have been wanting, so that they can use them for Banner Summons. They can be difficult to get at times and you may be wondering if there is an easier way.

How To Get Tokens Guide

You can get tokens in several ways, with each method varying in its difficulty. Some methods are easier but are not as repeatable, while others are more grindy.

We suggest you go with whichever one suits your style of play, so that you won’t get tired of it.

Before you begin grinding for tokens, we suggest you get “The Wealth” Breakthrough Title. This title will allow you to get a 10% Boost on your Token Gain, which will be a great help during grinding.

The Wealth Title in Sakura Stand.

Doing Daily Quests

The first way you should try and get Tokens is by completing your Daily Quests. Doing so will grant you an easy 120 Tokens, alongside some Mastery. You can get your Daily Quest from the Drago NPC in the Side Park area of the map.

We highly recommend you do this every day, as it is a very easy method of gaining Tokens. Unfortunately, you cannot grind it since you can only do it every 24 hours.

Talking to Drago in Sakura Stand.

Grinding 1v1s

The next method is to participate in 1v1s against other players. Defeating your opponent will grant you 25-50 Tokens per match if you win alongside some Mastery.

It will also help you improve at combat and actually test out your build, which can be fun. The 1v1 option is indicated in the top left of your screen, as shown below.

1v1 option indicated in Sakura Stand.

Killing Jotaro & Bandits

Another great way of getting Tokens is by killing the Jotaro boss and Bandits in the game. Jotaro is a boss that spawns every 90 minutes in the game.

When you defeat him, he will typically drop boxes which contain Tokens inside. The more players involved in the killing; the more boxes will spawn. In this way, you can grind out Tokens.

Fighting Jotaro boss in Sakura Stand.

While Jotaro is not available, you can also kill Bandits for Tokens. This is less reliable, however, as you can only get Tokens if the Bandit drops a high enough Rarity Box, which will contain the Tokens inside. 

Otherwise, you can also open Chests as you explore the maps and kill Bandits. They can also yield Tokens alongside other items.

Locating Chest in Sakura Stand.

Killing Curses

Perhaps, one of the best and most used methods of getting Tokens is by killing Curses. Curses spawn around the map every 5 minutes with a 44.5% chance of spawning. These chances go up by 4% every time a person is killed in the server. After spawning, the chances are reset back to the original number.

The higher the grade of the Curse, the more Tokens you will receive for killing it. The highest-grade Curse is the Special Grade Space Curse which only has a 0.5% chance of spawning when a Curse spawns.

However, killing you once will yield you a whopping 1200 Tokens. As a result, farming Special Grade Curses is one of the best methods for grinding out Tokens.

Fighting the Special Grade Curse in Sakura Stand.

That’s everything you need to know about getting Tokens in Sakura Stand. We have provided a variety of ways to ensure that there will be some method that will suit you more than others.

You should try and utilize multiple methods of getting token at the same time to ensure you are able to get them at a higher rate. Soon enough, you’ll be able to get the Banners you’ve been purchasing Summons for!

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