Sakura Stand: How To Kill An Adjucha Easily

Let them do all the work while you chill back.

Sakura Stand is a fighting game similar to other fighting games on Roblox. It is also free to play. The game is inspired by various anime such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Bleach and many others.

Adjuchas are one of the creatures you can find in this game which are taken from the Bleach universe. This guide will show you a pretty easy way of killing Adjuchas. Continue reading to learn more about this method.

How To Kill An Adjucha Easily

Adjucha is the 2nd evolutionary form of the Hollow race which are normally found in Hueco Mundo. Killing an Adjucha one on one can be pretty tough and tedious. That is why this method will make killing them pretty much effortless.

So, what you need to do for this method to work is find a group of Adjuchas (preferably more than 2). Try to bait them in the position shown below.

Let them do all the work for you -Sakura Stand: How To Kill An Adjucha Easily
Ready, set, FIGHT!

Once you get them like this, attack with an AOE skill (so Adjuchas on both sides get hit). After they take damage, they will try to launch their attacks. Since they are pretty slow, get out of their way. Their attacks will hit each other dealing pretty huge damage as shown in the image below.

Position them like this - Sakura Stand: How To Kill An Adjucha Easily
Just relax back and let them do their thing.

After their attack is done, hit them with a skill again to deal damage to Adjuchas on both sides at the same time. They will launch their attacks again dealing damage to each other. Continue doing so until only one of them is left. The last Adjucha should be pretty low in health so kill him normally.

If you can not position them exactly as shown in the images above, do not worry. Just try to group them together and their attacks should be able to damage each other after you attack them.

This is it for this guide. Now go out there and defeat those Adjuchas (the smart way). Do you know that you can now get Ichigo from Bleach in Sakura Stand? Check this guide to learn about it: How To Obtain Ichigo Guide (Stage 1-4).


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