Destiny 2: The Inverted Spire Grandmaster Nightfall Guide

Same place, new modifiers!

Destiny 2 The Inverted Spire Grandmaster Nightfall Guide

Raids and Dungeons in MMORPGs can be quite tough and usually the game throws an easier version of that raid or dungeon for people who haven’t done it yet. Then after they’ve learned the basics, the game throws in a harder version, sometimes mixing it up with different enemies or mechanics. Other times they throw difficult enemies or mechanics that you need to learn and/or avoid. Then there are games that add to the already hard version to make an even harder one with the use of modifiers for the enemies. At the end of that challenge though is usually a reward, and that’s the case in Destiny 2. Let’s get started with this Inverted Spire Grandmaster Nightfall guide.

The Inverted Spire Grandmaster Nightfall Guide For Destiny 2

The Inverted Spire is one of Destiny 2’s many Strikes. These Strikes are like short Raids that a handful of people can do, and usually don’t have any complex mechanics to worry about like raids. Instead, what makes the Strikes difficult is when you play them through Grandmaster Nightfall. This adds multiple modifiers to the enemies to spice up the strike and usually they change every week to keep them fresh and keep the players on their toes.

For the Inverted Spire these are the modifiers for the week:

  • Empath: Increased Radar, Increased damage from Melee.
  • Champion Foes: Champions will have Barrier and Unstoppable.
  • Shielded Foes: Enemies will have Arc, Solar or Void shields.
  • Modular Algorithm: Incoming Arc and Environmental damage increased.
  • Acute Arc Burn: +25% arc damage dealt, +50% arc damage received.
  • All other modifiers from Grandmaster

Now that you know the modifiers, equip yourself accordingly. Remember that arc damage will more or less be huge because of the two modifiers that increase arc damage.

Once you start the Strike the team will divide into two. Two of them will continue the normal route while another has the important mission of going to the right and performing a skip. 

Source: Aztecross – YouTube

To the right should be a series of jump portals, go through them until you reach the next area. While the player that’s making the skip goes here, the other two members should continue and activate the gate while killing all the mobs in the area.

Source: Aztecross – YouTube

Once the player doing the skip enters the area below it should be unblocked due to the other players opening the gate, but if not then wait for them to do so. Once you enter that area it will teleport the other players to that location, skipping a lot of the enemies.

Source: Aztecross – YouTube

Continue on to the strike as usual until you start riding your sparrows again, it’s highly suggested that you jump on top of those white buildings and shoot down, using the building as cover for an easier time. Once you go through that you should see another one of those jump things that your party needs to go through.

Source: Aztecross – YouTube

It will send you to this platform that has a lot of enemies that will start shooting the moment you land so be careful with that.

Source: Aztecross – YouTube

After dealing with the enemies there you can proceed down and fight another batch of enemies in a circular area. This can be tough for some players since this place spawns some tough mobs that you need to kill to proceed. Another way of going through this is leaving one or two of your players up while another one kites the enemies at the bottom.

Source: Aztecross – YouTube

Continuing on from there is where there will be this large mining rig. The fight here won’t be that tough but you have to keep an eye on the rig itself. This is because it will kill you if it hits you.

Source: Aztecross – YouTube

Going through the rest of the strike and you’ll be fighting the big boss. It’s not actually a hard fight and is in fact the easiest part of the whole strike. Just aim for criticals and you can easily kill the boss without even triggering phase 2 and 3. It’s one of those times where the journey was much harder than the destination.

Source: Aztecross – YouTube

The strike’s difficulty is mainly from the certain areas in the strike with a lot of enemies. At the latter part of the strike is where void shields amp up in frequency. So, you better keep an eye on that as well. Just focus down one champion at a time and take it slow and steady. And you can easily finish the run.

Congratulations you now know how to go through Inverted Spire in Grandmaster Nightfall. Now go out there and clear that strike! Many thanks to Aztecross for making a great video on how to handle this particular strike. If you want to see his tips and tricks go then you should check the video here: LAST Call for Hothead (2x Loot Inverted Spire Grandmaster Guide) Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted – YouTube

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