SBL Reborn: All Classes Guide & Showcase + How To Solo Dungeons

All the classes and how to solo dungeons with them!

SBL: Reborn is a new Roblox gaming making its way onto the platform. The successor to Solo Blox Leveling, this next version of the game features new mechanics and better features, while still maintaining the heart of the original game. Right now, the game is still in beta, but players can pay 1500 Robux to get access to the test server. Here, I’ll help you guys prepare for the release with this All Classes Guide and Showcase as well as teach you guys how to solo dungeons in the game.

All Classes Guide & Showcase + How To Solo Dungeons 

Players will get the option to choose which class to play in the game. You can only pick once, and if you end up changing your mind, will have to pay to change your class again.

There are nine classes you can pick from in SBL Reborn so far. Use the skills you get from your chosen class to clear dungeons with ease! 

I’ll talk about classes and how to solo dungeons below.


This class primarily scales in Strength, Agility, and a bit of Mana.


  • Blade Dance
    • The player spins around, generating a spinning slash that inflicts continuous damage in that surrounding area.
  • Tempest Blade
    • The player slashes ahead, creating a horizontal spinning slash that inflicts continuous damage in the surrounding area.
  • Shuriken Strike
    • The user hurls a massive shuriken that inflicts damage upon impact.
  • Shadow Strike
    • The player performs an instantaneous dash toward the target, leaving behind a trail of rapid slashes that inflict continuous damage.
  • Pure Evasion
    • The player activates an invasion buff, granting them a 50% evasion rate against incoming attacks.
  • Perfect Thousand Strike
    • The user quickly launches a thousand strikes, dodging incoming attacks and dealing fast damage to enemies at the same time.
Assassin still in SBL: Reborn.

In the Dungeon

The Assassin would not be the recommended first pick for soloing. As of now, there is no Reawakening for the Assassin class. This means that once you hit a certain level, you’re stuck at that level.

This class is great until the C and B-level dungeons, but after that, you will struggle if you plan to solo dungeon any further. 

In the C-Dungeon, there will be a Giant Arachnid boss. To beat it with the Assassin class, stay away from his face and jump outward to avoid its Ground Pound move. If you avoid this correctly, this will stun the Giant Arachnid boss and you should have an easy time beating this dungeon.


This is one of the more fun classes to play in SBL: Reborn. If you want to do a decent amount of damage without sacrificing mobility, this is the class for you. 

Focus on Strength, Agility, and Health.


  • Solomon Strike
    • Unleashes a giant sword slash that hits enemies in range.
  • Sunken Spin
    • The user will spin his/her body, creating a circular slash that affects the surrounding area.
  • Sunken Strike
    • This will launch the user to a target area, striking enemies instantly with devastating damage.
  • Thousand Blade
    • The user will unleash multiple slashes upon a single target area, inflicting multiple strikes of damage onto the enemy.
  • Forbidden Slash
    • Generates a massive slam in front of the player, inflicting tremendous damage upon enemy targets.
  • Sword of the Holy Land
    • The user unleashes a massive piercing assault attack against enemies, dealing tremendous damage to their targets.
Swordsman swing in SBL: Reborn.

In the Dungeon

In a dungeon, the Forbidden Slash will be your go-to move. Even against the Giant Arachnid, this move will do huge amounts of damage making this enemy an easy one to beat. Again, hug the legs and use the Forbidden Slash to easily take out your enemy.

This is a highly-rated class. It is very strong and you can easily solo with the right practice. The cosmetics are a great plus, too.


For the Tank class, you want to invest in Physical DEF, Strength, and Health


  • Lucifer’s Slash
    • Creates a ground slash that breaks the ground in a short range, dealing damage upon impact.
  • Shield of Light
    • The player pushes their shield forward, generating a shield-like effect that inflicts damage upon enemies.
  • Ground Strike
    • The user will break the ground using his shield, destroying the ground that creates spikes that deal damage to the enemy.
  • Faith of Protection
    • It creates an area protection buff that makes the user immune to all attacks for a short period of time.
  • Gods Rage
    • The user releases a mighty roar of anger, creating a massive shockwave that taunts and pulls the enemy towards the user.
  • Protectors Anger
    • The user will release a rotating auro that deals continuous damage in a short period of time.

In the Dungeon

The Tank is a good defense class that deals underwhelming amounts of damage. The Tank works best in a team, where players can use this class’ skills to defend other players in a party. That being said, don’t expect to be able to solo dungeons with this class, especially at higher levels.

Dungeon still in SBL: Reborn.


Focus on upgrading Strength, Agility, Mana, and a bit of Health.


  • Ground Slash
    • It unleashes a colossal ground-breaking slash, causing immense damage to the targeted enemy.
  • Parallel Spin
    • The user will spin his/her body, creating a circular slash that affects the surrounding area. 
  • Hell Blame Strike
    • The user will strike their sword in front, creating a massive strike attack that deals tremendous damage.
  • Hells Blade Barage
    • The user will drop three flame swords in front that deal continuous damage.
  • Hells Calling
    • The user erupts in a fiery burst of energy, causing enemy petrification and delivering tremendous damage.
  • Heavens Wrath
    • The user’s rage reaches the heavens, summoning a celestial hand that drops four swords, shattering the ground and causing area damage upon impact. 

In the Dungeon

The Warrior class is a great unit for soloing dungeons. This unit is a high-defense, high-damage unit with a decent AoE. To easily burn through enemies, try to group them together and use Hell Blame Strike to take them all out at once.


This class doesn’t require that many keys to play. The left and right-click will be your friend. Focus on upgrading Strength, Agility, Mana, and some Health.


  • Arrows of Faith
    • It fires massive arrows that penetrate through enemy targets within a specific range.
  • Precision Strikes
    • It shoots three arrows, with the two outer arrows angled slightly outward while the central arrow flies straight ahead.
  • Arrow of Death
    • It unleashes three rapid arrows within a specific range, inflecting tremendous damage upon impact. 
  • Serpent Sharpness
    • It shoots a massive arrow that deals large damage towards the enemy. 
  • Freedom Strikes
    • It generates three arrows that simultaneously fire, delivering heavy damage to the target enemy. 
  • Gods Eye
    • The user unleashes a barrage of a thousand arrows like a god that continuously strikes a designated area. 

In the Dungeon

This class is really good for solo queueing. Even with low-level gear, players can defeat the Hobgoblin in 8 mins. Use God’s Eye when battling hoards and Serpent Sharpness when against large bosses. 

Special cosmetics in SBL: Reborn.


Focus on upgrading Intelligence, Agility, Mana, and some Health.


  • Heal of Faith
    • It conjures a mystical circle around the user, allowing them to self-heal. 
  • Hand of God
    • It conjures a mystical circle around the user, allowing them to heal the user’s teammate. 
  • Majesty Blast
    • It summons a trilogy of magic blasts in front of the user that inflicts enemy damage. 
  • Arcane Cataclysm
    • It generates a magical explosion around the user resulting in massive and tremendous damage. 
  • Ethereal Heal 
    • The user conjures a brief-lasting magic circle that provides continuous self-healing and team healing. 
  • God’s Judgement
    • It summons five magic circles around the user, unleashing a colossal energy blast from above to punish those who lack belief.

In the Dungeon

This unit is another that really shines in a team. Don’t expect to do much damage with this unit, however, it can hold its own against Hobgoblin in a 10 minute fight. This is considerably longer than other classes in the game.

Fire, Ice & Earth 

The Fire, Ice, and Earth classes are damage dealer classes. Focus on upgrading Intelligence, Agility, and Mana Points.

Fire Skills

  • Inferno Strike
    • Summon a fireball in your hand to cause an explosive blast on impact.
  • Twinfire Impact
    • Summon a large fireball until both hands unleash an explosive blast on impact.
  • Inferno Sacrifice
    • Evoke an area-wide explosion resembling self-sacrifice, dealing massive damage.
  • Blazing Barrage
    • Summon three fiery orbs and rapidly unleash continuous explosions.
  • Eternal Devastation
    • Unleashing a gigantic energy fire orb, resulting in a massive explosion and inflicting tremendous damage,
  • Inferno Burst
    • Creates a three-chain massive explosion in front of the user, inflicting tremendous damage.

Ice Skills

  • Forbidden Lance
    • A forbidden spear projectile capable of striking distant foes and producing a chilling impact.
  • Frostwave
    • Evoke a wave if ice energy resulting in a frosty explosion.
  • Glacial Havoc
    • Summon three consecutive ice spikes in front of the player, dealing substantial damage.
  • Forbidden Lance Barrage
    • Creates three icy spikes that are launched at range, inflicting continuous damage upon impact.
  • Eternal Blizzard
    • Unleash an icy cataclysm that freezes the ground and encases nearby enemies in frost.
  • Glacial Spikes
    • Evoke a frigid area with piercing ice spikes that breach enemy defenses. Dealing devastating magical damage.
Ice Mage skill in SBL: Reborn.

Earth Skills

  • Thornstrike Vine
    • Creating a root that can act like a whip, striking enemies from a distance and inflicting damage.
  • Colossal Root
    • It spawns a giant root that strikes in a straight line, breaking the ground and dealing damage.
  • Nature’s Call
    • It spawns aerial root spikes around the user that deal an AoE large damage.
  • Nature’s Gem
    • It spawns 3 nature crystals that attack enemies within range continuously.
  • Colossal Berserk
    • It creates a massive root strike around the area that will deal numerous damage.

In the Dungeon

All three of these mage classes will be able to hold their own in C to B-level dungeons. Soloing them will be easy using each mage’s AoE skills. 

And that’s everything on this All Classes Guide and how to solo dungeons with them. Some classes definitely work better in teams, while others can blaze through a dungeon without much effort.

It’s up to you to see what playstyle works best. There are a ton of more exciting developments on the horizon for SBL: Reborn.Want to be prepared for the game’s release? Here’s a complete guide for beginners in SBL Reborn!


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