SBL Reborn: Complete Beginners Guide

Are you ready for the next phase of SBL: Reborn?

Roblox says hello to the sequel of the classic Solo Blox Leveling game. This time, Unpopular Studio introduces SBL: REBORN, a revamped version of a Roblox classic that offers all the features of the original game with better mechanics, cosmetics, and gameplay features. The game isn’t out yet, but players can cough up 1500 Robux to access the tester. I’ll give a complete beginner’s guide on SBL: Reborn to give you guys an idea of what to expect.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

Paying for the tester will give you access to Phase Tester 2 for SBL: Reborn. Once you enter the server, you’ll be given a couple of cosmetics as thanks from the developers. 

Tester Rewards

To start this off, players who pay to enter the closed testing will get access to these rewards:

  • Special Reward Cape
  • Captain Hylas Helmet

These are purely cosmetic items, but hey, they look pretty cool.

SBL: Reborn Phase 2 rewards.

Character Customization

What sets SBL: Reborn apart from a lot of other Roblox games is that you get a lot more creative liberty when it comes to customizing your character. 

From hair, skin, face, gender, and clothes, SBL: Reborn is superior in terms of character customization. Additionally, players also get to choose their Class in the Character Customization screen. There aren’t any descriptions for them yet, but here’s the list:

  • Assassin
  • Swordsman
  • Tank
  • Warrior
  • Archer
  • Healer
  • Fire 
  • Ice 
  • Earth

NOTE: You can only customize your character once. If you want to change anything, you’ll need to pay for it.

Character customization phase of SBL: Reborn.

Starting the Game

Once you enter the server, the game will have you go through the tutorial dialogue. These will be straightforward so just proceed with them. Once you make it to the city, head to the Association Assistant to unlock the Dungeons.

Association Assistant in SBL: Reborn.


Players can clear out dungeons in SBL Reborn. Once you’ve unlocked them by visiting the Association Assistant, feel free to recruit your friends and make parties to clear out dungeons together. 

You also have the option to clear them out alone, but if you’re early into the game (which everyone is because it’s still in beta), it’s best to make parties to make things easier for you.

You can do this by opening the Request icon from the menu drop-down.

Gameplay still of SBL: Reborn.

Items, Weapons & Fighting 

The fighting mechanics of the game are a lot like the previous version of the game. 

Players can block, roll dodge, and use special skills to defeat enemies. Additionally, there is a Stamina bar that will deplete as you dodge and sprint.

Weapons can be bought at the Weapons Store. The location will be marked on the map – note, however, that since the game is in beta, the store isn’t complete. Any items you collect will have a durability score. Over time, they will require regular repair to prevent destruction.


So far, SBL: Reborn shows a ton of promise. Players can set their comfort keys for each skill to make the gameplay as comfortable as possible. Although some players have reported issues with the hitbox and how some hits don’t register. Rest assured that the game is still in testing so the developers should address that soon.

The map is open and immersive as well, with the gameplay being extremely unique for a game on the Roblox platform. 

Dungeon gameplay in SBL: Reborn.

Leveling System

There’s still a classic leveling system where players can unlock better gear as they get stronger in the game, so the learning curve for new players who haven’t played the first iteration of SBL: Reborn isn’t so steep.

That’s pretty much it….

That’s everything for this complete beginner’s guide for SBL: Reborn. It’s a new game with a ton of exciting features. While there isn’t a certain date for when the game is coming out, this guide should be a good primer for you to prepare for when it does.

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