Score 18000 Points Solitary Rampart Guide – Genshin Impact

Complete the Solitary domain by maxing out your score!

The Study in Potions event has a new domain for players to challenge. This guide shows you how you can get 18000 points in the Solitary domain. This guide is free-to-play friendly so you can challenge the event even if you are new to the game.

Solitary Rampart Guide —  Genshin Impact

To start the event, you have to go to the Solitary Rampart domain. You can find this domain next to Mt.Aocang in Liyue.

NOTE: This domain has a special Corrosion effect which reduces the HP of your characters on the field constantly.

Keep in mind that this is a free-to-play friendly option but you can choose any team you have for the challenge.

  • First stage: take Qiqi, Sayu, Barbara, and Xiangling. Xiangling will act as your main DPS here, but you can choose any main DPS that you have. Use the Convection potion, Coalescence potion, and Dielectric potion.
  • Second stage: use Kokomi, Diona, Traveler, and Noelle. The rifthound enemy here will be weak to Geo so try to bring Geo damage dealers. Take the Intensifying potion, Gravity potion, and honing potion for this stage.
  • Third stage: bring the same team as the first stage but change Barbara to Kaeya. Use Amp: Rousing Recovery, Explosive Potion, and Slow-release potion. The Slow-release potion can help with your elemental burst damage. 
  • Fourth stage: use the same team in the second stage. Equip Amp: Proactive Assault, Amp: Rapid Assault, and Amp: Rapid Recovery.

Also, keep in mind that you should have a 2.5x score multiplier to get the maximum points on each stage.

Goodluck maxing your points out in this domain!

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