Beyond Light Step 19 Guide – Destiny 2

A talk with Zavala. What’s the next mission?

We all know that we have many Beyond Light Steps guides because there are many difficulties in completing them. In this article we will explain Step 19 in more detail.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Step 19 Guide

We start this step in Europe, more precisely in the west of Beyond. No worries as this is a very easy step.

When you transport yourself to this location you will see an igloo-shaped building in front of you. Above it, you will see the inscription “Campsite” and in front of it are two guards. Get inside and talk to Zavala.

In this conversation, Zavala will tell you that he has information about you and that you have disrupted Eramis’ plans.

He will also tell you that she fled to the Cosmodrome to loot the remains of the House Devils Hideout.

Zavala will tell you that you need to go to Earth and find out her intentions. He will remind you to be careful of your actions and to beware of the Darkness.

In essence, he will warn you not to lose sight of the right path.

That completes this step and then you will need to move on to Step 20.

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