Sea Of Stars – Western Solstice Shrine Island Puzzle Solution

Sun, moon and platforms

In the Sea of Stars, you’ll find many Solstice Shrines scattered across the islands. The Western Solstice Shrine, like all shrines come with an intriguing puzzle. So iff you’re eager to uncover its secrets, read on our Western Solstice Shrine Island Puzzle Solution in Sea of Stars.

Western Solstice Shrine Island Puzzle Solution

The Western Solstice Shrine sits on an island between Sleeper Island and Evermist Island, located on the western side of Home World. To access it, you must possess the ability to fly, either through Valere or Zale’s powers.

NOTE: You can only visit this shrine after completing the main story.

Opening the Shrine

The first puzzle in this shrine has a light crystal and four light tracks. To proceed, fill all four tracks with light energy. You will need to follow this correct sequence, so you are able to light up all the tracks before they run out.

Start by lighting the left sun track, followed by the left moon track. After that, light the left sun track again before moving on to the right sun track and finally the right moon track.

Successfully doing this will open the shrine’s door.

Platform puzzle

Inside the shrine, there’s a floating platform with arrow-shaped runes on each tile. When you step on a rune, it disappears, and the platform moves in the rune’s direction.

Your goal is to guide the platform to both sides of the chamber, deactivate two devices, and reach the north end of the shrine.

For the left part, look at the image below and follow the numbered steps.

Once you’ve reached the left chamber, deactivate the device.

Afterwards jump to the chasm below to reset the puzzle. Now, for the right chamber part. Once again, follow the numbered steps on the image below.

You will need to jump from Pad 3 as shown in the image above. Make sure to not step on non-numbered pads. Once again, deactivate the device on the right chamber.

After deactivating both devices, the locks on the chest will disappear. In order to reach the northern end of the shrine, jump to the platform and follow the numbered steps I have indicated below.

Once you reach the northern part of the shrine, you’ll be able to unlock a chest containing an Eclipse Armor that can be worn by either Vale or Zalere.

And that’s the solution to the Western Solstice Puzzle in Sea of Stars! If this guide has been helpful, feel free to share your comments and suggestions below.

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