Sea Of Stars – Eastern Solstice Shrine Island Puzzle Solution

Light, plants and more devices!

In Sea of Stars, Solstice Shrines present captivating side puzzles designed to test your mental prowess and offer rewards for those who rise to the challenge. Keep reading to uncover the solution to the Eastern Solstice Shrine Puzzle in Sea of Stars.

Eastern Solstice Shrine Island Puzzle Solution

The Eastern Solstice Shrine lies on an island just south of Settlers Island. To reach it, your party must possess the ability to fly.

NOTE: Like with other shrines, you can only access this location after completing the main story.

How to Open the Shrine

The shrine’s entrance unlocks with a light crystal puzzle. Step on the rune to activate it, revealing one light crystal and three light tracks. Your task is to charge each track before they dim.

Begin with the larger middle track, then proceed to charge the right and then the left one. Finishing this opens up the Eastern Solstice Shrine.

How to Solve Shrine Puzzle

Inside the shrine, there will be two light tracks and multiple levels to climb.

The right light track raises several small boxes around the area, while the left track triggers plant growth throughout the shrine.

In order to finish the shrine, you need to activate three devices. Follow these steps to solve the puzzle:

  1. Shine the light on the left track, causing plants to grow. Then, climb the plant on your left.
  2. Hop down to access the first diamond device.
  3. Move the light beam to the right track, extending the platforms.
  4. Hop right from the platform with the first diamond device.
  5. Switch the light back to the left track to grow plants once more.
  6. Climb up the center wall to fall next to a tightrope.
  7. Climb the left ledge to reach the lever.
  8. Pull it to unveil a stepping stone from the wall.
  9. This will be allowing you to hop right to the second diamond device.
  10. Ascend the vines beside the second device.
  11. Then hop down to the lever below and pull it.
  12. This creates a path to the third diamond device above your head.
  13. Jump back down to the middle platform then climb up the vines.
  14. Switch the light to the right track to lower the platform.
  15. This will let you climb the newly created path from the last lever you pulled.
  16. Jump to the right to reach the last diamond device.

After solving the puzzle, you can now go to the newly opened doorway at the bottom, which holds a chest. Inside the chest, you’ll find Heliacal Earrings that significantly enhance Zale’s Sunball attack.

And there you have it. You have now solved the Eastern Solstice Shrine Island Puzlle in Sea of Stars. If this articled has helped you, leave your comments and suggestions below.

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