Second Piece: How To Get Gojo V2 Guide & Showcase

Is Gojo the best sorcerer?

Second Piece is a Roblox game that combines multiple anime universes into the world of One Piece. This gives you various options for power scaling rather than widely depending on Haki and Devil Fruits like other One Piece Roblox games.

This opens the door to more customization and content you can enjoy, which is why it sets itself apart from its competitors. If you fantasized about mixing different anime characters as sea adventurers, then Second Piece is for you! Here, we will cover how to get the Gojo v2 and a little showcase to get you started!

Getting Gojo v2 (Unleashed)

You will first travel to Gon Island, the only place where you can obtain the item Limitless. To get that, enter the brown house in the middle of the Gon Island and interact with Chxmei NPC. After that, you must have Six Eyes, 10 Sukuna’s Fingers and 500 Gems.

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Below is a more detailed discussion on how to get the following materials for Gojo V2. Although, make sure that you already have the Gojo Spec (V1) before proceeding.

Second Piece Chxmei NPC for Limitless

First, here’s how to get the Six Eyes. First, travel to Niflheim Island and talk to Aqua NPC to call Gojo Boss.

Remember that you must have Infinity Orb (you can get this in another boss drop on Forgotten Island) and 7,500 gems to summon the Gojo Unleashed Boss with a level of 6,500.

Once you’re done, you must defeat the boss. Defeating the boss will give you a drop chance for the Six Eyes item needed to acquire Gojo. This drop chance is pretty low, so you might need to defeat him several times.

Second Piece Aqua NPC for Boss who drops Six Eyes.

Once you have Limitless/Six Eyes and 5000 Gems, make your way to the Cursed Isles. There, you’ll find Gojo Unleashed – simply talk to the NPC and you’ll get the Gojo Unleashed Spec.

Gojo Unleashed NPC in Second Piece.

Gojo v2 Showcase

Acquiring Gojo will give you Five unique Movesets.

  • The first move, bound into your “Z” key, is named Reversal Red. This is a Melee AoE attack that has an explosion effect. Anything that is caught in this explosion will receive damage.
  • The next move, bound into your “X” key, is named Lapis Blue. Unlike Reversal Red, this move is rather long-ranged. This move will send out a blue energy that explodes when a target is hit. The range is relatively short compared to other ranged attacks, but it still offers excellent utility if you ever need it.
Second Piece Gojo V2 Moveset
  • The next move, bound into your “C” key, is named Infinity. This skill is unique as it’s not an attacking skill. Using this move will give you immunity to damages and effects for a short period. This skill will be super helpful for raiding bosses, allowing you to tank damages.
  • The next move, bound into your “V” key, is named Hollow Purple. This skill combines the effect of Reversal Red and Lapis Blue. A ranged attack that explodes when a target is hit, dealing massive damage. The animation of this skill is superb and worth grinding for!
  • The final move, bound into your “F” key, is named Unlimited Void. A skill that you can acquire once you obtain the Six Eyes item. This skill is a Domain Skill that puts you and your enemy into your void. This gives you an upper hand when it comes to combat.

Overall, Gojo offers a lot of utility in his arsenal that is useful for offense and defense. You might want to discover other hidden traits inside the game, it might shock you. Be the strongest in the seas with Gojo!

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