Second Piece: How To Get Every Spec

Getting All the Specs in Second Piece in one guide!

It has been a trend recently among RPG Roblox games, and it’s also present in Second Piece. In the game, you’re able to use powers or sets of abilities from other Animes outside One Piece. For instance, if you want to be Yuji from JJK, Gon from HxH, and more!

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get every single Spec in Second Piece, which I will update consistently to make sure you’re aware of all the possible abilities in the game.

How To Get Every Spec

In order to get Specs in Second Piece, you’ll have to go explore the game’s content including fighting bosses, picking up materials, going to NPCs all over the map and more. I’ve put up a Table of Contents below to help you navigate easily and find whichever Spec you set your eyes on.

Naruto Spec

There’s a spec in Second Piece and it’s one that’s based on an anime that’s not One Piece. As you can tell, this spec is based on Naruto from the anime of the same name. If you’re a fan of the series, then the moves for this spec will be quite familiar to you, but first, we’ll need to obtain it!

Obtaining Naruto Spec

To obtain the Naruto Spec, you’ll first need to go to the Shell Town Island. There, near the coast on one side of the Island is the Naruto NPC. You can interact with this NPC to get the Naruto Spec and all you need to have is 7,500 Gems.

Second Piece Naruto NPC

If you need additional gems, make sure to check out our updated Second Piece codes guide for the game to redeem free gems!

Now that you’ve obtained the Naruto Spec for your character, you’ll want to know what the different moves are. There are 3 total moves for the Naruto Spec and all of them are based on what Naruto could do in the anime.

Z Skill

This first skill is a classic and any fan of the show should know it. It’s the Rasengan, and it’s a melee move that causes a big explosion when you hit a target dealing a lot of damage.

Second Piece Naruto Spec Z Skill

X Skill

The second move for this is a double Rasengan move that has a bit more range than the first skill. It functions almost the same as the Z Skill but deals a lot more damage.

Second Piece Naruto Spec X Skill

C Skill

Unlike the other skills, this one is a ranged attack that can hit targets far away. It’s akin to the Rasen Shuriken in the show and when it hits a target it has the same explosion as the other skills.

That’s how you can get the Naruto Spec and what the skills look like in Second Piece. Now, go out there and try to get it yourself!

Second Piece Naruto Spec C Skill

Tatsumaki Spec

Tatsumaki, the hero from One-Punch Man known for her incredible psychic powers, has been summoned into the world of Second Piece to unleash action and excitement! To get Tatsumaki´s Spec/Fighting style, you must seek out the NPC and trade the necessary materials. Keep reading for clear steps! 

Location of NPC 

Head over to Shell Town. Look for a ramp there. 

Shell Town in Second Piece

Walk towards the ramp and you can see two tall blue structures there.

Two tall towers in Shell Town.

On top of right tall structure, there is an NPC waiting. 

NPC of Tatsumaki in Shell Town

Click E to Learn. NOTE: Make sure you have the necessary requirements or else you can´t proceed! 

Requirements on how to learn Tatsumaki Spec

How to Obtain the Mental Orb & Tatsumaki Spec? 

For the spec requirements, aside from the 5000 gems, you must have 10 Mental orbs which can be dropped when Tatsumaki boss is defeated. This Mental orb has a drop chance of 15%

Mental Orb with 15% of drop chance by defeating the Tatsumaki Boss.

Also take note that this Tatsumaki boss will re-spawn every 10 minutes

Defeat the Tatsumaki boss to get mental orb. This boss respawn every 10 mins.

Tatsumaki Showcase: Feel the Power of the Whirlwind! 

M1 Skill – This is a unique M1 skill that’s a bit limited in range, but it’s packed with action! Watch out for those flashy red slashes! 

M1 skill of Tatsumaki

Z Skill – This skill will summon a tornado that sends your enemies flying, with an animation of swirling green winds adding a thrill.  

Z skill of Tatsumaki

X Skill As you sense the strong breeze around you, a sudden meteor shower will catch your enemy off guard. 

X skill of Tatsumaki, top view

C Skill – A strong breeze will rush towards your enemy, unleashing multiple gusts of wind. 

C skill of Tatsumaki

And that wraps up our step-by-step guide on obtaining the new Tatsumaki Spec and showcasing its skills. Can you feel the shiver of the storm approach? So, don’t wait any longer—follow this guide and seize the opportunity to obtain this exciting new spec in the game!  

Gilgamesh Spec

To get the Gilgamesh Spec, you will need to defeat the Lv. 8500 Gilgamesh Boss. This boss spawns every 10 minutes in Frost Isle, Sunset Isle, and Autumnal Archipelago.

Upon defeating the boss, you will have a chance of obtaining the following items:

  • Gilgamesh (1%)
  • Chests (0.2%)
  • Conquest Raid (2%)
  • Holy Grail (0.1%)
Second Piece Boss

Gilgamesh’s first skill is Rapid Fire. After activating, you will fire light beams at enemies.

Second Piece Gilgamesh Light

Your second move is Enkidu. This lets you spawn golden chains that attach to your opponents and deal damage at the end of the animation.

Second Piece Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

Your last move is Enuma Elish or Ichigo’s Sword. After activating, you will activate your powerful sword and deal damage to nearby enemies in a circle.

That’s how you can get the Gilgamesh Spec in Second Piece. Since the drop rate is low, you will want to defeat the boss multiple times before you are able to obtain it. The Fighting Style is great for defeating multiple enemies and can deal decent damage to single targets as well!

Jiren Spec

Jiren is one of the most powerful beings in all of the 12 Universes of Dragon Ball Super. As such, Second Piece made sure to give him an extremely overpowered Spec and Skillset.

So, how do you get it?

Warrior's Retreat in Second Piece.
You’ll find Emilia here.

As far as the location goes, it’s called The Warrior’s Retreat, and you’ll have to find the Merchant Emilia, who is willing to sell it to you.

Jiren's Power in Second Piece.

That said, in order to get the highly coveted Jiren Power, you first need to collect 15 Conquest Coins. You can collect these coins by joining Second Piece’s Conquest Mode, which occurs once every 45 minutes. Once you’re able to join, you’ll have to face off against other players in a team battle.

Depending on how well you do, you’ll receive your just rewards in the form of Conquest Coins. It’ll be a bloody battle, but I’m sure you’ll come out on top. After that, it’s simply a matter of choosing the item from your inventory!

Using Jiren's Power in Second Piece
Yup, I sure would.

It’s equipped — what can I expect?

Well, as far as the skills go, it’s pretty intense. The very first skill is Jiren’s Z Power, which is a series of lightning-fast punches that pretty much no one can react to. This’ll be a problem in PVP for sure.

Jiren's Z Power in Second Piece
This is going to hit you many, many times.

Next up, we have Jiren’s X Power, which is a type of ki blast that causes a massive explosion. While this is easier to dodge, the problem comes from the fact that the projectile itself is invisible until it makes contact.

Jiren's X Power in Second Piece.
The size of the explosion is too big for the screen. Not good for whoever gets hit.

Last but certainly not least is Jiren’s C Power, which is all about causing massive damage with a single punch. If you hit someone with this, they are not surviving.

Jiren's C Power in Second Piece.

Doesn’t that just get you pumped? Second Piece is amazing, and I hope you guys get a chance to use Jiren’s power for yourselves!

Gojo Spec

Getting the Gojo spec is easy, basically, you get the Infinity Orb and bring it to Gojo NPC in Frost Isle. I’ll provide more details below.

Getting Gojo Spec

The first thing you will need to do to get Gojo is to go to the Forgotten Isle. But first, you will need to wait until you get the notification that Gojo has spawned there. It appears in the chat box as you play the game.

When you’re in the Forgotten Isle, head to the center of the island and you will find a level 2500 Gojo standing in the middle. As you might guess, you will need to fight and defeat Gojo, but not because you need to beat him and unlock the spec.

You need to defeat him so he can drop the Infinity Orb. Bear in mind that the Infinity Orb has a small chance of dropping, so you might need to fight him several times.

Level 2500 Gojo location in Second Piece.

With the Infinity Orb in your possession, head to Frost Isle. There, you can find a Gojo NPC that will teach you the Gojo spec. To get this, you will need the Infinity Orb and 3500 Gems. When you give him all of the required items, you can them use the Gojo spec.

Gojo NPC location in Second Piece.

Gojo Spec Showcase

Now that you have Gojo’s spec, you can now use it in fights. But you will need to learn the skills first if you want to use them efficiently.

Here are the skills for Gojo’s spec:

  • Reversal Red (Z) – Unleashes an AoE attack that damages anyone caught in the blast.
  • Lapse Blue (X) – Sends out a blue blast that damages anyone that is hit.
  • Infinity (Immortal) [C] – When activated, you will become immune to all damage for a short period of time.

Do you want to read more about this spec? Make sure to check out our dedicated guide for the Gojo Spec!

Red Reversal skill in Second Piece.

Gojo V2 (Unleashed)

You will first travel to Gon Island, the only place where you can obtain the item Limitless. To get that, enter the brown house in the middle of the Gon Island and interact with Chxmei NPC. After that, you must have Six Eyes, 10 Sukuna’s Fingers and 500 Gems.

Below is a more detailed discussion on how to get the following materials for Gojo V2. Although, make sure that you already have the Gojo Spec (V1) before proceeding.

Second Piece Chxmei NPC for Limitless

First, here’s how to get the Six Eyes. First, travel to Niflheim Island and talk to Aqua NPC to call Gojo Boss.

Remember that you must have Infinity Orb (you can get this in another boss drop on Forgotten Island) and 7,500 gems to summon the Gojo Unleashed Boss with a level of 6,500.

Once you’re done, you must defeat the boss. Defeating the boss will give you a drop chance for the Six Eyes item needed to acquire Gojo. This drop chance is pretty low, so you might need to defeat him several times.

Second Piece Aqua NPC for Boss who drops Six Eyes.

Once you have Limitless/Six Eyes and 5000 Gems, make your way to the Cursed Isles. There, you’ll find Gojo Unleashed – simply talk to the NPC and you’ll get the Gojo Unleashed Spec.

Gojo Unleashed NPC in Second Piece.

Gojo V2 Showcase

Acquiring Gojo will give you Five unique Movesets.

  • The first move, bound into your “Z” key, is named Reversal Red. This is a Melee AoE attack that has an explosion effect. Anything that is caught in this explosion will receive damage.
  • The next move, bound into your “X” key, is named Lapis Blue. Unlike Reversal Red, this move is rather long-ranged. This move will send out a blue energy that explodes when a target is hit. The range is relatively short compared to other ranged attacks, but it still offers excellent utility if you ever need it.
Second Piece Gojo V2 Moveset
  • The next move, bound into your “C” key, is named Infinity. This skill is unique as it’s not an attacking skill. Using this move will give you immunity to damages and effects for a short period. This skill will be super helpful for raiding bosses, allowing you to tank damages.
  • The next move, bound into your “V” key, is named Hollow Purple. This skill combines the effect of Reversal Red and Lapis Blue. A ranged attack that explodes when a target is hit, dealing massive damage. The animation of this skill is superb and worth grinding for!
  • The final move, bound into your “F” key, is named Unlimited Void. A skill that you can acquire once you obtain the Six Eyes item. This skill is a Domain Skill that puts you and your enemy into your void. This gives you an upper hand when it comes to combat.

Overall, Gojo offers a lot of utility in his arsenal that is useful for offense and defense. You might want to discover other hidden traits inside the game, it might shock you. Be the strongest in the seas with Gojo!

Do you want to read more about this spec? Make sure to check out our dedicated guide for the Gojo V2 (Unleashed)!

Sukuna [Half Power]

First, you will need to travel to Gon Island, which is the place where you can buy the required materials for summoning Sukuna. Choose the Sukuna Fingers Bag, which you can get for 10 Sukuna fingers and 500 gems.

Right after that, travel to Niflheim Island, equip Sukuna from your bag into your hand, and talk to Aqua to spawn him for 7500 gems.

Note that you must defeat Sukuna Boss to get the Sukuna or King Of The Curse Soul, there’s 9% drop chance. This item is essential for getting Sukuna [Half Power], and you can only obtain it from Sukuna Boss.

After that, travel to Cursed Isle and talk to Sukuna NPC to buy Sukuna v2 for 5000 gems and Sukuna Soul.

For those unfamiliar with the famous Jujutsu Kaisen anime. Sukuna is one of the central antagonists of the said anime series. He’s a master of hand-to-hand combat and a sorcerer known as the King of Curses. This title is only given to the greatest Sorcerer of all time.

Sukuna Showcase

Acquiring Sukuna will give you three unique Movesets that can be seen in the anime.

  • The first move, which is bound into your “Z” key, is named Dismantle. Where it throws slashing lines unto your target for a short range.
  • The next move is called Fire Arrow or Fuga, which is bound to your “X” key. This move is another ranged attack but has a much longer range than dismantle. You’ll notice an explosion effect once you’ve hit your target.
  • The final move is bound to your “C” key, Cleave Barrage. It is relatively short-range and considered a Melee AoE attack. This attack has a fantastic animation, which you will surely enjoy.

Overall, can try getting Sukuna and exploring the wonders this sorcerer offers in Second Piece. Acquiring him might be troublesome and time-consuming, but I know it’ll be worth it! So, what are you waiting for? Set sail and conquer the seas with Sukuna!

Do you want to read more about this spec? Make sure to check out our dedicated guide for the Sukuna (Half Power)!

Hakari Spec

To get the Hakari Spec, you will first need the Gambler’s Spirit. You will need to collect three cards and some money to trade for the Hakari Spec.  I’ll list them down here and tell you where to get them below.

Hakari skill showcase in Second Piece.

How To Craft The Gambler’s Spirit

The requirements to craft the Gambler’s Spirit item for Hakari Spec are as follows: 

  • 1 Heart Card
  • 1 Diamond Card
  • 1 Clubs Card
  • 2000000 Money

Where To Get The Cards

Getting the cards is the hard part. You will need to defeat all the bosses that spawn on the Forgotten Isle. The type of card that drops from these bosses will completely rely on RNG, so keep trying until you get all three types.

The Forgotten Isle will be indicated on the map, so travel there and head to the center of the island. Bosses here will spawn every 5 minutes and once defeated, will drop a chest. Hopefully, the RNG will be on your side, but players have reported that the probability of card drops is less than 1%.

Boss location on Forgotten Isle.

Where To Craft Gambler’s Spirit

Once you have all three cards, go to Chxmei’s Island to craft the Gambler’s Spirit. This island will be in the left-most corner of the map. Keep sailing left and you will eventually find it.

The island you’re looking for will be tiny and have a single brown shack. Enter it and you will find Chxmei. Talk to Chxmei and craft the Gambler’s Spirit.

Chxmei's shack.

Trade requirements for the Gambler's Spirit.

Finding the Hakari NPC

Now that you have the Gambler’s Spirit, you can now get the Hakari Spec! From the first island, head right straight to the docks. Spawn a boat from the NPC indicated below (it’s free so don’t worry about losing any hard-earned money).

Boat NPC on the starter island.

Once you have a boat, take a sharp right from the docks. After a bit, you should see Sunset Isle.

The Sunset Isle docks.

The NPC you can get the Hakari Spec from will be here. To talk to him, hand him the Gambler’s Spirit.

Location of the Hakari Spec NPC.

Congratulations! You finally have the Hakari Spec. Now, let’s see what he can do in the moves showcase below.

Hakari Rework Showcase

The Hakari Rework fighting style‘s M1 move deals the opponents 23,355 damage and a final hit of 23,357. Along with that, it offers its users four different and strong moves. Let’s take a look at each move individually.

  • Z MoveFortunate Barrage
    • 10,099 x 20 [201,980] damage.
    • 6 seconds cooldown.
Z Move of Hakari Rework in Second Piece.
  • X Move – Shutter Door:
    • 100,995 damage.
    • 5 seconds cooldown.
    • Requires target to use.
X Move of Hakari Rework in Second Piece.
  • C Move – Container Kick:
    • 113,627 damage.
    • 8 seconds cooldown.
    • The container itself deals damage. It has physics and despawns after 3 seconds.
C Move of Hakari Rework in Second Piece.
  • V Move – Idle Death Gamble:
    • 20% damage increase.
    • 1 minute cooldown.
    • 18 second startup.
    • 56 second invincibility uptime [38 seconds of moveable invincibility).
    • Requires 6250 Melee to use.
V Move of Hakari Rework in Second Piece.

Do you want to read more about this spec? Make sure to check out our dedicated guide for the Hakari Spec!

Hakari Spec X skill showcase.

Gon Freecss Spec

The Gon Freecss Spec in Second Piece is a spec that lets you deal high melee damage using your abilities. To get the Gon Spec, you will need to obtain a Gon Fishing Bait. Then, trade it with the Gon NPC to eventually receive the Gon Spec.

How To Get Gon Freecss Spec

First, you will need to obtain a Fishing Rod. This is an item that you can receive from opening Boss Chests.

After that, head to the Ape Realm Island in First Sea. There, you will be able to find the Gon NPC who’s fishing next to a lake.

Second Piece Gon NPC

On the same island, you will be able to find a small brown hut next to the Gon NPC. Enter the Hut and talk to the Chxmei Merchant NPC.

You can then buy the Gon’s Fishing Bait item with the Fishing Rod & 12.5M Beli. After that, bring the Bait along with 2500 Gems to the Gon NPC and you will receive the Spec.

Second Piece Gon's Fish Bait

Gon Freecss Spec Showcase

Second Piece Gon Freecss’ Z Skill lets you perform an explosive melee attack. This attack is great for attacking multiple enemies up close.

Second Piece: How To Get Gon Freecss Spec Guide & Showcase 1st Skill

The Spec’s X Skill is relatively similar to the Z Skill with another melee attack.

Second Piece Gon 2nd Skill

The C Skill is the only ranged attack in Gon’s kit. This move lets you launch a powerful projectile at an enemy, dealing damage to them.

Second Piece Gon 3rd Skill

That’s how you can get the Gon Freecss Spec in Second Piece. Before you try to obtain the Spec, make sure you have the 12.5M Beli and 2500 Gems to trade for all the required items.

Do you want to read more about this spec? Make sure to check out our dedicated guide for the Gon Freecs Spec!

Yuji Spec

To get Yuji Itadori’s fighting style, you have to trade with Itadori NPCSukuna’s Finger and 7500 Gems. You can find the Itadori NPC in the Niflheim Island.

To get the finger, kill Sukuna boss who has a chance to spawn every 5 minutes. He’s not a hard boss to beat. And even if he doesn’t drop it, you can also get it from the loot chest.

Sukuna boss in Second Piece.

The more damage you deal on your own, the more chests you get. Once you get it, just head to the new island that’s close by the Sukuna boss location.

Sukuna's Finger drop by Sukuna boss in Second Piece.

On the Niflheim Island, find Itadori who you can talk to and get the Yuji fighting style for 1 Sukuna Finger and 7500 gems.

How to get Itadori Yuji fighting style in Second Piece.

The fighting style has only two skills instead of 3 with C doing nothing at all. Skill Z is a powerful punch forward with a short windup. Simple, straightforward, and deals a lot of single hit damage.

Itadori Yuji fighting style showcase.

Skill X is a powerful AoE around your character with slightly longer windup than Skill Z.

Do you want to read more about this spec? Make sure to check out our dedicated guide for the Yuji Spec!

Itadori Yuji fighting style showcase.

Choso Spec

There are only three steps that you need to follow to get your newest Choso Spec in Second Piece. Let’s see what those steps are now.

  1. Do a conquest raid.
  2. Purchase a Cursed Womb item to spawn the boss.
  3. Defeat Choso Boss to get your Choso Spec.
Choso Spec in Second Piece.

Getting Cursed Womb

In order to spawn the Choso Boss, you are going to need to have a cursed womb item. There are two possible ways to get it: one is hoping that you will get it from a chest with a 10% drop chance, and the other is purchasing from the conquest shop.

The second method would probably be easier than trying to get it from a chest. Therefore, you should head to Emilia, the conquest shop NPC, which is located on the Arena Island. Then, purchase it by giving her 5 conquest coins or 2500 gems.

You can get conquest coins by participating in a conquest raid.

Purchasing Cursed Womb from the conquest shop in Second Piece.

Obtaining Choso Spec

Once you have your cursed womb item, you can move on to the next step. First, travel to Niflheim Island and summon the Choso Boss there.

Summoning Choso Boss in Second Piece.

Upon defeating the Choso Boss, you will have a 10-15% chance to get an item named Will of Kamo. This item will provide you with your Choso Spec. You might have to repeat defeating this boss for a couple of times to acquire this item.

Choso Boss in Second Piece.

Choso Spec Showcase

Now that you know how to get the Choso Spec, let’s see which moves it will provide you. This spec has three moves that you can use. These are:

  • Z Move: Blood Throw
Z Move of Choso Spec in Second Piece.
  • X Move: Blood Piercing
X Move of Choso Spec in Second Piece.
  • C Move: Blood Explosion

These are everything you should do to get the newest Choso Spec in Second Piece!

C Move of Choso Spec in Second Piece.

Natsu Spec

All you need to do in order to get the Natsu spec is to first travel to the Forgotten Isle. There, you will find the level 3,500 Natsu boss, who you will need to defeat for the necessary item.

He drops an item known as the “Fire Dragon Magic” at a relatively low rate, so you will have to kill this boss quite a few times if you aren’t lucky enough.

Upon getting Fire Dragon Magic, simply use it and you will unlock the Natsu fighting style as well as a Dragon Slayer title. As a bonus note, you can re-equip this style from the Natsu NPC at the Cursed Isle if you ever change specs.

Second Piece Natsu NPC on the Cursed Isle

Natsu Fighting Style Abilities

The Natsu style is, as one would expect, centered around fire magic. The kit overall has decent area of effect damage and can cause targets to burn for a few seconds. Here are its moves:

  • Z Move – Flaming punch that deals damage in a cone in front of the user. Targets hit are burned for a few seconds.
  • X Move – Fire-breathing attack that deals damage in a line. Targets hit are burned as well.
  • C Move – The user stomps the ground and deals damage in a large circle around them. Enemies that are hit are knocked up into the air.

And that is everything you need to know when it comes to unlocking and using the new Natsu spec.

Second Piece player using Natsu's C move

Killua V2 Spec

First up, you will need to get the base version of Killua. This can be purchased at the Chxmei Island, specifically by talking to the Killua NPC and paying a price of 5,000 Gems and 5 Lightning Orbs.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re interested in other Specs in the game, make sure to check our complete guide on how to get every Spec in Second Piece!

With the base version of the spec in your possession, you can now work towards getting Killua V2. First, at Chxmei Island as well, head over to Chxmei’s store and buy a Heart Bag. This will require the following:

  • 500 Gems
  • 5x Lightning Orbs
  • 5x Fishing Rods
Second Piece Killua npc on the chxmei island

Fighting a World Boss

With the Heart Bag on hand, you must now head over to Niflheim Island. There, you will find an NPC called Aqua, who can summon a world boss if you have 7,500 Gems.

This boss has a small chance of dropping an item called the God Speed Orb. Using this while you have Killua equipped will grant you the upgraded version of the move set.

Second Piece player approaching the world boss summoning NPC

Killua V2 Ability Set

As with most other specs in the game, Killua V2 only has a handful of abilities, but they are all fairly impactful and have great utility. Here are its moves:

  • Z Move – The user shoots lightning from their arms and deals damage in a line in front of them.
  • X Move – A very fast barrage of punches that deals damage to anything caught within range.
  • C Move – The user deals damage in a large radius around them. This ability requires you to activate your V move first.
  • V Move – Activates a special mode that makes an aura of electricity appear around your character.
Second Piece player using Killua V2's Z move on another player

And that is everything that you need to know in order to acquire the Killua V2 spec in Second Piece.

Uraume Spec (Time-limited)

Before we begin, it should be noted that this is a limited time event spec. This means that she will eventually become unobtainable, so hurry up if you want to get it!

In order to get the new Uraume spec, you have to go over to the Frost Isle and defeat the Uraume boss until you get 5 Cursed Ice Shards.

Be careful, though, as the boss is at a whopping level 7,500, making her much stronger than the level 1,750 snow bandits in the area. She has a lot of HP, so be ready for a lengthy fight!

Second Piece players standing beside the Uraume boss on Frost Isle

In addition to that, you will need 5,000 Gems. Because of the requirements, you’d best start grinding now if you want to unlock her spec, as it may take quite a bit of time.

Once you have the necessary materials, travel to Niflheim Island. Head over to the right side of the island and you will find the Uraume NPC standing out in the open. Just speak with her to learn the spec.

Second Piece player standing beside the Uraume NPC showing requirements for the spec

Uraume Spec Abilities

Those familiar with the character it’s based on will not be surprised that Uraume gives you ice-based skills. The kit is small but impactful, as it has all area of effect moves. Its abilities are the following:

  • Z Skill – The user summons a large flower-shaped block of ice on the ground that damages anything it touches.
  • X Skill – The user stomps the ground and forms a large block of ice in front of them, dealing damage in a line
  • C Skill – After a short windup animation, the user lets out a large area of effect blast.

Do you want to read more about this spec? Make sure to check out our dedicated guide for the Uraume Spec!

Second Piece player casting the X ability of the Uraume spec

Other Resources

That sums it up for all the Specs in Second Piece. Moreover, make sure to check out our Roblox Forum for everything Roblox – Discussions, guides, trading and more!

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