Second Piece: How To Get Hakari Spec Guide & Showcase

Take your fighting to the next level with this new spec!

Despite being relatively new, Second Piece is an anime-inspired Roblox game that’s making waves across the platform. Now, in Update 5, the game has added a new fighting style to the game based on Kinki Hakari from the manga Jujutsu Kaisen. This new fighting style adds an exciting new twist to the current roster of playstyles. Here, I’ll show you how to get the Hakari Spec and showcase these new moves.

How To Get Hakari Spec & Move Showcase

To get the Hakari Spec, you will first need the Gambler’s Spirit. You will need to collect three cards and some money to trade for the Hakari Spec.  I’ll list them down here and tell you where to get them below.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re interested in other Specs in the game, make sure to check our complete guide on how to get every Spec in Second Piece!

Hakari skill showcase in Second Piece.

How To Craft The Gambler’s Spirit

The requirements to craft the Gambler’s Spirit item for Hakari Spec are as follows: 

  • 1 Heart Card
  • 1 Diamond Card
  • 1 Clubs Card
  • 2000000 Money

Where To Get The Cards

Getting the cards is the hard part. You will need to defeat all the bosses that spawn on the Forgotten Isle. The type of card that drops from these bosses will completely rely on RNG, so keep trying until you get all three types.

The Forgotten Isle will be indicated on the map, so travel there and head to the center of the island. Bosses here will spawn every 5 minutes and once defeated, will drop a chest. Hopefully, the RNG will be on your side, but players have reported that the probability of card drops is less than 1%.

Boss location on Forgotten Isle.

Where To Craft Gambler’s Spirit

Once you have all three cards, go to Chxmei’s Island to craft the Gambler’s Spirit. This island will be in the left-most corner of the map. Keep sailing left and you will eventually find it.

The island you’re looking for will be tiny and have a single brown shack. Enter it and you will find Chxmei. Talk to Chxmei and craft the Gambler’s Spirit.

Chxmei's shack.

Trade requirements for the Gambler's Spirit.

Finding the Hakari NPC

Now that you have the Gambler’s Spirit, you can now get the Hakari Spec! From the first island, head right straight to the docks. Spawn a boat from the NPC indicated below (it’s free so don’t worry about losing any hard-earned money).

Boat NPC on the starter island.

Once you have a boat, take a sharp right from the docks. After a bit, you should see Sunset Isle.

The Sunset Isle docks.

The NPC you can get the Hakari Spec from will be here. To talk to him, hand him the Gambler’s Spirit.

Location of the Hakari Spec NPC.

Congratulations! You finally have the Hakari Spec. Now, let’s see what he can do in the moves showcase below.

Hakari Spec Showcase

Since Second Piece doesn’t have names for Spec skills, I’ll refer to them by their keyboard controls.

  • Z Skill
    • The player creates a single AoE burst of green flame. Hits opponents directly in front of the player. 
  • X Skill
    • The player summons a large shipping container from the sky to smash into the ground.
  • C Skill
    • Gain a 2x melee damage with a cool aura. The player is surrounded in a plume of green flame.
Hakari Spec X skill showcase.

And that’s everything in this guide on how to get the Hakari Spec and move showcase. It may be a bit of work to get this spec, but who can say no to a new playstyle? Want to know all things Second Piece? Check out their Trello board using our Official Trello Link for Second Piece article here!


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