Second Piece: How To Get Himorama & Executioner Guide

A new Sword in Second Piece! Make sure you gather the materials in advance!

Second Piece: How To Get Himorama & Executioner Guide

Second Piece is a Roblox game where you’ll progress and become stronger by obtaining different specs and fruits. Besides that, you can also obtain different Swords that you can use to fight enemies. Swords in Second Piece vary in rarity, with one of the rarest items being the Executioner Sword. In this guide, we will show you how to get Himorama/Executioner in Roblox Second Piece.

How To Get Himorama & Executioner Guide

The Executioner is a new sword in Roblox Second Piece. For now, the Sword isn’t obtainable, meaning that there is no information on what the Sword can do or any showcase of it.

However, you can still talk to the NPC to know the item requirements, so that you can obtain the item when it is released. The next parts will show you the detailed information on how to do it.

SIDE NOTE: There are a lot of different swords in the game, so here’s a detailed guide on how to get all of the Swords in Second Piece!

Executioner NPC

To get the Executioner Sword weapon, you will need to interact with the Executioner NPC. You can find the NPC in Frost Isle (First Sea). Keep in mind that you must be higher than level 1750, as it is part of the requirements.

When you are on the Frost Isle, you’ll want to go on the right side of the island. After that, keep sticking to the right side and you will eventually see the NPC on your left.

Second Piece Frost Isle

When you interact with the Executioner NPC, you will be able to see the item requirements. To learn the Executioner Sword, you will need 1500 Gems as well as the ??? Item.

This is an extremely rare item that you can obtain from chests. It has a 0.35% Drop Rate. In the newest update, this rate has been increased to around 1%, which is higher.

Second Piece Executioner NPC

That’s how you can get Himorama & Executioner in Second Piece. This Sword may be rare, but you can take the time and farm for the ??? Item in advance. When it is out, you will be able to have the materials to get it immediately.

If you are interested in using Sword weapons, you can consider getting the Cid Sword. This is an extremely strong weapon with unique abilities that you can use. It is also great for clearing groups of enemies with the AoE damage effects.


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