Second Piece: How To Get Cid Sword Guide & Showcase

A lot of AOE moves for this sword!

Second Piece How To Get Cid Sword Guide & Showcase

When picking the right weapon for your character, there are a lot of things to think about. Does it fit with your build? Or maybe you just want a weapon for the looks or cool skills it can give you? Maybe some players just want it because of rarity.

In Second Piece, the Cid Sword is one of the weapons in the game that was time-limited. That means you can only get that weapon at a certain time and never again after the time passes.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get the Cid Sword in the game. We’ll also show you the different moves this weapon can make!

How To Get Cid Sword Guide & Showcase

Most of the weapons that you can find in Second Piece are often obtained through drops from enemies or bosses. Some of these weapons though are time-limited and are only available in a short amount of time.

Once that time is past, you can no longer get it. A great example of that kind of weapon is the Cid Sword and here’s how you could get it.

SIDE NOTE: There are a lot of different swords in the game, so here’s a detailed guide on how to get all of the Swords in Second Piece!

Obtaining The Cid Sword

The Cid Sword is one of the few weapons that was time-limited when it was released. When it was released, you had to collect 5 Shadow Orbs and pay 15,000 Gems to the NPC in Autumnal Archipelago at the First Sea.

Second Piece Cid Sword Merchant

To get the Shadow Orbs, you had to wait for the Shadow boss in Sunset Isleto spawn. You’ll get notified if this boss spawned in the game and where it spawned like the one shown below.

Second Piece Shadow Boss Spawn

Sadly, the time-limit for this sword is over. You can no longer get the Shadow orbs as drops from the Shadow. You can still get a chance of getting it though if you trade for these Shadow Orbs from other players!

SIDE NOTE: You can’t get this sword anymore without trading for orbs or the sword. There are a lot of other cool swords in the game though, so here’s a guide on how to get them all!

Cid Sword Move Set Showcase

Like most swords in the game, the Cid Sword has two moves that you can use in the game. The first one is used by pressing the Z-key and with it you’ll stomp the ground causing a massive explosion.

This is a great move that can damage a lot of enemies around you. The move is also fairly fast compared to the next one.

Second Piece Cid Sword Z Attack

The next move can be used when you press the X-key and it’s a move with a long wind-up. You raise your sword and a cool animation effect plays around your character.

When the move is finally done charging up you release a massive explosion centered around you that damages enemies. The AOE for this move is big so you can use it to take out multiple enemies at once!

Second Piece Cid Sword X Attack

That’s where you can find the Cid Sword and what its moves are in Second Piece! Now, go out there and try to get it yourself! Weapons aren’t the only thing you’ll want to get in the game, there are also specs so here’s a guide on how to get Gojo V2!


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