Secret Staycation: Best Difficult Hiding Places (Hide And Seek Mode)

Some great hiding spots that you should go for!

Secret Staycation: Best Difficult Hiding Places (Hide And Seek Mode)

Secret Staycation‘s newest update on February 16th has added new foods along with the Hide And Seek mode. In this mode, you will be playing as different kinds of foods and hiding from the Egg Detective. If you win, you will receive points that you can use to obtain new foods.

As a hider, you will want to find the best spots to hide from the Egg Detectives. It is recommended that you hide in locations that are difficult to get to. In this guide, we will show you some difficult Hiding Places in the Hide And Seek Mode in Roblox Secret Staycation.

Best Difficult Hiding Places (Hide And Seek Mode)

There are many different hiding places you can go for as a Hider, and you can be as creative as you want when it comes to hiding. Keep in mind that these are only suggestions and there are also many other places you can hide effectively!

This guide will cover three of the best hiding locations: Food Display Case, Cash Register & Food Shelves.

Food Display Case

Your first hiding is inside the Food Display Case next to the Cashier area. As the Baguette or other thin-shaped foods, you can jump on top of the shelves and enter Ragdoll mode.

As the Egg Detectives, they can still jump to your location. However, due to their size, it will take a long time for them to reach you. Usually, the Egg Detectives will try to go for easier locations to save their time and maximize the number of players that they can find.

Secret Staycation Food Display Case

Inside Cash Register

The next location that you can hide is inside the Cash Register. To enter the Cash Register, you must type in 117 on the keyboard. If you accidentally make a mistake, you can always press the red button to delete everything and try again.

However, try to do this as quickly as possible, before the Egg Detectives can get to you. After the Cash Register is opened, you will want to sit inside and wait for it to close. Usually, the Egg Detectives won’t check this location first as it may take them a while to type in the numbers.

Secret Staycation Cash Register

On Top Of Food Shelves

The third hiding location is on top of food shelves. You can do this with the new Leek morph as well as many other morphs in the game.

Ideally, you’ll want to launch yourself onto different shelves and hide with the Leek morph. Thanks to the small size, you will be able to blend in very easily.

Secret Staycation Food Shelves

Here is also another place you can hide by climbing along the side of the food display shelves. Once you’ve reached the top, you can enter Ragdoll mode, and no one will ever be able to find you.

Secret Staycation Climb Upwards

Even if the Egg Detectives decide to go for you, it will take them a very long time to climb all the way up. During that time, you can react by running away or wait until they give up.

Secret Staycation Hiding

You can also use the snack bag to go on top of the basket. Then, jump all the way to the food cups.

Secret Staycation Jump

In the image below, you will be able to see how it looks when you are hiding. If the Seekers ever find you, you can always run away, or stay still because the place is really difficult to get to as the Egg Detective.

Secret Staycation Hiding

Those are some best difficult hiding places in Secret Staycation Hide And Seek Mode. If you are looking for more morphs to transform to, take a look at this All Food Locations Guide! Some foods like the Sugar Cane or Cookies are extremely great for hiding in small corners, so make sure you get them.


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