Secret Staycation: How To Get Leek

Keep playing hide-and-seek until you eventually have it!

Secret Staycation: How To Get Leek

Secret Staycation is a Roblox game where you will be collecting many different foods that are randomly distributed in many locations of the in-game maps. The game is constantly receiving new updates with different events as well as foods for you to collect.

Recently, the game has released a new update with the hide-and-seek game mode! On the new map, you can also obtain many different foods. The Leek food morph is one of the foods you can get by playing on the hide-and-seek map. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Leek in Secret Staycation.

How To Get Leek

To get Leek, you will need to obtain 500 points in the new hide-and-seek mode. Upon reaching 200, 500, and 100 points, you will receive a unique food morph.

To receive points, you’ll need to survive as a hider and find as many players as you can as a seeker. In the next section, we will give you some tips that you can apply to survive more effectively.

Secret Staycation Leek

As A Hider

As a hider, your main goal is to survive for as long as you possibly can. It is recommended that you use smaller food to hide more easily. For example, you can use the Sugar Cane, which is a flat food to help you get into areas the Detective Egg cannot get to.

The Detective has a round shape, meaning that it cannot go into the flat corners like the Sugar Cane. You can use this tip to your advantage and survive for longer in the hide-and-seek matches. You can try going inside the gap between the ATM and the wall.

Secret Staycation Hider Tips ATM Machine

As A Seeker

If you are chosen as the Detective Egg, you will now become a Seeker. Your main goal is to find as many players as you possibly can.

Since the amount of time you have is limited, avoid searching for people in corners you cannot get to. Due to your size, it is sometimes better to search in areas that you have greater access to.

Some people with bigger foods can be found more easily, and you should prioritize chasing them first before you go for the other smaller foods.

Secret Staycation Seeker Tips

Each game is going to be different since you do not know what people will do. However, you can always apply those general tips to win more and obtain more points each game.

Once you have enough points, you will also be able to obtain the Leek food morph. If you are also looking to obtain the Sugar Cane so you can hide more effectively, take a look at this All Food Locations Guide. In the guide, you’ll be able to find specific steps to get the Sugar Cane as well as many other foods, which can also be great alternatives for hiding in the game mode!

There are also many other things you can obtain in the game, like the Past Blowdryer. Make sure you check all of them out!


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