Secret Staycation: Where to Find Egg Location

Get your protein up, not your funny up.

Secret Staycation is a fun and relaxing Roblox game that you can play with your friends. The appeal of the game is that you are playing as foods in your kitchen that turn sentient once the owner of the home leaves.

Similar to Toy Story, different foods will be up and about around the apartment, often having fun pushing each other off shelves or racing. Some foods need to be unlocked, however, like the Egg.

In this guide, I will show you where you can find the location of the Egg, so you can play as the most fragile food in the kitchen.

Where to Find Egg Location

The location of the Egg is at the top shelf in the kitchen. To get there, you will need to climb up by using the stacks of food boxes that are scattered all over the countertop.

Keep climbing up until you reach the top shelf of the kitchen.

Climbing up the kitchen counter to the top shelf in Secret Staycation.

Once you reach the top shelf, keep moving forward until you find the Egg sitting on a stack of plates.

Simply go up to the Egg and you will immediately unlock the food by touching it.

Approaching the Egg to unlock it in Secret Staycation.

Do you want to see all the locations in one place? Make sure to check out our dedicated guide for All Food locations in Secret Staycation!

That’s all you need to know on how to find the location of the Egg in Secret Staycation. Did this guide help you understand where you need to go in order to unlock the Egg? Let us know in the comments below.

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