Secret Trick on Ippo’s Dempsey Roll in Untitled Boxing Game

Your opponent is no match against Ippo’s Dempsey Roll!

Untitled Boxing Game, as the name implies, is a boxing game where you can take on any opponent in a 1v1 battle in a boxing ring. Use all of your unique boxing techniques against your opponents to dominate the ring and earn some cash while enjoying the intense combat. If you have Ippo as a playable character, there is a secret trick he can do that you may not know about. Let’s look at what that secret trick is!

Secret Trick on Ippo’s Dempsey Roll

This secret trick or gimmick applies maximum slowness to your enemy anytime you activate it. Just think about the advantages you can have over your enemies if you’re using this trick with Ippo. It’s related to the Dempsey roll

Dempsey Roll in Untitled Boxing Game

When you press the Dempsey roll, you’ll get a window of a second or two where your enemy will slow down out of fear. In that window you can also catch up to your opponent who’s trying to flee from the Dempsey Roll. They might backdash or charge away. When your opponent tries to backdash away from your Dempsey roll, you can easily catch up to him!

Dempsey Roll in Untitled Boxing Game

All of this is not to say that countering Ippo’s Dempsey Roll is impossible. The move can still be countered and it’s a good idea if you know what those moves are. This is because you might want to watch out for those moves when you’re using the Dempsey roll as a heads up, or if you’re on the receiving end of the Dempsey roll, and so you can counter it yourself!

Countering Ippo’s Dempsey Roll

Even though the dodging mechanism of the Dempsey roll is a bit busted, that does not change the fact that they can still use an M1 to perform the Dempsey Roll dodge. 

M1 with Ippo in Untitled Boxing Game

There are a couple ways to beat Demsey, but these two specific moves may easily shut it down if you have their instant M1s. It’s the “Bullet” and “Ghost” moves. 

Bullet and Ghost in Untitled Boxing Game

While using “Bullet”, you can activate your bullet jab passive because the Dempsey roll also counts as an M1 and it shares all the regular M1s have. And for “Ghost”, you can do a Ghost jab if you see Ippo throwing out a punch during Dempsey Roll. 

Dempsey Roll Weaknesses

As mentioned previously that the Dempsey roll has all the downsides of a normal M1 because the move itself is an M1, you can also expect the same weaknesses that you would regularly encounter. 

Here are those Weaknesses:

  • Cannot be feinted. 
  • Can be perfectly dodged
  • You can back dash out of it. 

M1s like the Dempsey can be perfectly dodged by backdash but it’s important to keep in mind Ippo can decide not to throw an M1 and wait for their opponent to throw a punch first. This allows him to counter all moves with ease. 

However, if you try to backdash too early, Ippo can catch up to you. Similarly, if you throw an M1 too early, he can punish you with a barrage. Also, ensure that you are not cornered into the ropes with Ippo, which can get a little dangerous for you. 

All of this goes to show how amazing Ippo is in the ring. If you’re enjoying the game, you may want to learn more about it. For that, check out Untitled Boxing Game: Official Trello Link | Roblox.


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