V Rising 1.0: Whip Best Weapon Guide

Take your enemies down with this deadly combination of both speed and range.

The latest update of V Rising introduces a ton of new gameplay features and mechanics. From a new zone, new shards, and new equipment, the meta in the game has shifted as players take advantage of all the new additions to beef up their characters until endgame in V Rising. One thing that has been heavily discussed among players is the viability of solo weapons. In this guide, I talk about the whip and why it’s the best weapon in the game so far.

Whip Guide | Best Weapon

The whip is a recent addition to the weapon’s roster in V Rising. Despite being so new, players agree that it surpasses the past weapons in the game by a decent margin. This is surprising, as the previous gameplay of V Rising has leaned more into a combination of weapons for the best damage. 

Now, players have an effective solo weapon that fits a solo play style. Let’s talk about why below.

Just a gameplay still of V Rising.

Whip Skills & Attacks

What makes the whip so effective is its skill set. Here are the skills that come with the non-artifact version of the whip.

  • Aerial Whip Twirl (Q) 
    • A devastating mid-range approach that’s easy to hit.
    • Does decent damage and is very spammable.
      • 10-second cooldown and 0.45-second cast time
  • Entangling Whip (E)
    • A range poke tool is good for getting enemies from a distance and stunning them for a short period of time.
    • A good move for setting up combos in the non-artifact version.
    • Does good damage and is also very spammable.
      • 10-second cooldown and 6-second cast time
  • Primary Attacks (auto-attacks)
    • Have a similar range to the pistol but a similar speed to the spear.
    • Has a good DPS.
This is the Aerial Whip Twirl skill of the whip.

The Morning Star

The artifact version of the whip takes an already strong weapon and makes it even better. You can find this item in the open world.

Aerial Whip Twirl now causes enemies to burn, dealing damage over time while Entangling Whip changes from a combo setup move. Don’t worry because this doesn’t matter when using the whip exclusively. What you gain is ignite dealing Max HP on both Aerial Whip Twirl and Entangling Whip; additionally, you get guaranteed perfect stat rolls for both crit and attack speed.

Listed below are the attributes of The Morning Star:

  • Physical Power +33.7
  • Physical Critical Strike Power +20%
  • Physical Critical Strike Chance +15%
  • Weapon Attack Speed +10% 

When playing with the whip, the priority is staying mid-range to deal the most damage. You want to do this while baiting out the opponent’s defense options and using Q and E to do more damage. 

Roll crit with the Morning Star  for maximum damage!

When using Q and E, don’t hit into defenses because that’s a waste of the weapon’s skill (especially if it’s discharged), instead stay very aggressive to maximize your damage output and inflate your numbers. 

Your highest priority is to hit Veil attacks. In the 1.0 update, all veils heal for your max HP; many fights are decided by who can hit more of these. Use the whip’s speed and range to hit these attacks.

The whip has an excellent combination of speed, range, and damage to create this perfect weapon for solo play styles, and given the current state of V Rising 1.0, the whip might remain the best weapon for now. If you’re looking for more ways to get stronger in V Rising, check out our best blood farming guide for more awesome info!


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