Shadovia: Best Summoner Build Guide

Have your minions do your dirty work for you!

Shadovia is a Roblox game all about grinding, crafting, and doing all sorts of quests in order to be the most powerful individual around.

There are many builds and weapon types that you can try out, and one archetype you can try involves summoning various minions to fight for you. Here is one of the best summoner builds that you can utilize!

Best Summoner Build Guide

This build will be centered around summoning a giant bear creature to do most of the damage for you. In order to do this, you will first need the Bear Bearer Staff.

This can be acquired as a fairly rare drop from the Bearhead boss in the Savannah area. To get to where you can summon it, if you have the Savannah Cubit/Shrine unlocked, simply teleport there and run straight to the right.

You will eventually run into an NPC named Shigmy. Purchase a Raremeat Steak Bait from him and use it on one of the black squares on the ground to summon the boss.

Shadovia shigmy

The Bear Bearer Staff summons a friendly version of Bearhead that can easily defeat mobs and bosses for you as long as you have the necessary stats to buff him.

Shadovia bearhead vs count vermillion

Other Gear

For armor, you will need the Dragon Tamer’s Cuirass and Dragon Tamer’s Faulds. Both of these items increase your Summon Power, as well as your Summon Count, which will increase Bearhead’s size.

Shadovia dragon tamer gear

To craft these items, you will need to farm materials from the new boss, Magmagic Wrathbringer. It can be found in the small island right beside Brimstone.

Shadovia Magmagic Wrathbringer

The best choice of headgear, on the other hand, will be the Scary Crowhat. This item can drop from Scarecrows in the Graveyard, though it is somewhat rare so it may take a while before you can find one.

As for your offhand, you can equip any shield that you have (preferably one that increases your HP), since there is currently no item on that slot that benefits summons.

For accessories, basically just put on anything that increases your Summon Power. Some decent choices include the Tiara, which you can get from one of Princess Twix’s quests, or the Slime Queen Crown.

You can also use the Ancient Summoner Grand Scroll, which drops from the tomb. An easier, yet slightly weaker, alternative that you can get is the Lost Idol, which you can get from certain enemies in the Desert.

Shadovia tomb

And that’s pretty much the entire build in. Basically, just summon your bear at all times and watch them deal a ton of damage to your enemies while occasionally throwing out some of your own attacks whenever you find an opportunity to do so!

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