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Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One The Hand-Me-Down Quest Guide | The Silver Hand Riddles

Solve the Silver Hand Riddles!

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is a thriller detective game with a rich story that focuses on the younger Sherlock Holmes. This story is set in the Mediterranean and Sherlock investigates the cause of his mother’s death. 

Quest Location

To start the quest, you must go to the Old City first. Go to the place in between Scarlet Street and Arnaut Street and you will see a statue of a hand. Investigate the Statue and Jon will tell you that he found a riddle talking about the treasure. 

1st Riddle

To solve the 1st riddle, you have to the area on Eurus Road. There is a circular pool here and you need to investigate the removable block of cement. This is the answer to the 1st riddle and opening that will give you the 2nd piece of riddle. 

 2nd Riddle

The 2nd riddle takes place in the Grand Saray, south of Silent Way. Go to the beach and you will notice an ark of stones. The answer to the riddle is the stone on the right of Jon. This stone is moveable and will give you the last piece of the riddle.

3rd Riddle

The last piece of the Riddle is at the Grand Saray again, it is marked on your map as the Treasure. Go up the stone staircase and to Jon, standing beside a tree. Investigate the moveable rock and you will find Violet’s Magnifying Glass. 

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