Shinobi Lineage: Best Class Tier List

Are you a Shinobi or a Spy?

Shinobi Lineage is a new rogue-like Roblox experience where you play as ninja and travel through forests and lands while fighting dangerous enemies. You can also find your home in one of the classes. If you don’t know which class to choose from, keep reading for our Tier List that may help you decide. 

Best Class Tier List

Class Tier list in Shinobi Lineage

Most of the classes are covered in the top three tiers because none of them are bad enough to end up on D Tier. Each class has their charms, but some are more overpowered than others. At the end of the day, tier lists are subjective so you may have differing opinions on which class is better.

But if you would like somewhere to start, here is our Tier List. We also have a Best Build Guide you can check out!

S Tier

  • Shinobi: Shinobi is considered the best class in the game for many reasons. You can counter, deal good damage and run away when needed from anything. You’ll also notice higher ranked players are Shinobis.
  • Faceless: This is a dagger class and they’re the most prominent classes in the game. The Faceless class can also potentially deal the most damage in the game.

A Tier

  • Samurai: This class has one of the best combos that can take away nearly half of an opponent’s HP. It’s also one of the easier classes to navigate.
  • Spy: Spy deserves its spot in A Tier and would have even qualified for S Tier if it wasn’t nerfed in the recent update.360 blocking the needles eye is a useful tactic you can use in this class. As a spy, you can escape any other class easily unless it’s a shinobi. 
  • Sigil: They have different chargers in the game, but the class overall is a good one. They have good blocks against nearly every other class in the game. They also have insanely good combos to top it off. 
  • Dragon Sage: Dragon Sage is another class that deals a high amount of damage. You can implement your clan moves like Speed Blitz or Lightning Drop.
  • Wing Spear: This is another decent class because it does a good amount of damage for little input with your M1s. 

B Tier

  • Ronin: Ronin is at B Tier. The moves do not move as fast as the other tier classes, but it can be a solid and manageable class if you’re good at the game. 
  • Oni: Oni lacks stun in its moves except for its M1 move. Along with that, there’s also no hyper armor on one of its moves. The lack of stun may make it difficult to kill a shinobi or spy class in combat.  Their combos are also easy to land. They also tend to be pretty fast because they have lightning dash.
  • Executioner: On the bottom of the tier list, we have the executioner class. They can be really dangerous when you’re in close range considering they have a massive sword to attack you with. 

Any of these classes can be a good class if you play well enough. But that does not rule out the fact that some have more perks and are favored in terms of moves and damage like the Shinobi. That being said, you can always give yourself a challenge and get on the top of the ranks by trying your favorite class!

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