Should You Buy A Lottery Ticket In Guardians Of The Galaxy

Can you win the Lottery?

Who does not want to win the Lottery? When you get to Knowhere, you will have a chance to buy a lottery ticket that can reward you with a lot of money in the game. However, is it worth the money? Can you actually win the lottery with it? 

Buying the Ticket

When you get to Knowhere in Chapter 6, there are a lot of areas to explore and NPCs to talk to. Your crew will split up in this area and you have the chance to roam around. You will encounter the Lottery ticket announcer that will tell you that the price is 5 million units. You will then have the chance to buy a ticket for yourself or refuse to buy one. 

Why You Should Not Buy A Ticket

Each ticket costs 1000 Galactic Units. You can only buy one lottery ticket per person, so you cannot purchase multiple tickets at a time. Even if you do buy a ticket for 1000 Galactic Units, you will not be able to redeem the prize. When you come back to redeem the prize, you will see that the lottery ticket announcer will not be there, so keep that 1000 Galactic Units for yourself!

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