Guardians of The Galaxy: Fog Cave | How to Escape Looping Cave with Blue Fog

Get out of the Fog Cave!

When you encounter the mission of trying to save Drax, you may have seen the cave surrounded by a blue fog. This looping cave can be confusing to navigate and get out of. Below is how you can escape the looping cave with Blue Fog. 

Two Tunnels

In Chapter 10, you will encounter a cave with two tunnels that are surrounded by a Blue Fog. There will be a dialogue scene here and you have to pick the correct answer to solve the puzzle. If you do not pick the correct answer, you will keep on going back to the same area over and over again. 

Do Not Agree With Anyone

Your teammates will talk about the monsters they are hearing in the cave. Gamora will say that it is just the fog and Rocket will say that it feels real. You will have three options in this dialogue and you have to choose the “…” option. This will make your teammates go silent. Once they are all silent, the blue fog on the cave will go away and you can continue your mission. 

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