Skul The Hero Slayer – 100% Achievements Guide

The hunt is on!

Achievement hunting is a hobby that a lot of people really get into with games. When beating a game, there’s not really much to do and most casual players just shelve the game until they either have the urge to play it again or they sell it (only applies to physical copies).

But, some don’t stop until they absolutely achieve 100% of a game, including achievements. That’s why we have a guide here for those who want to do just that.

If you want to get all the achievements for Skul The Hero Slayer, then this guide is for you.

100% Achievements Guide – Skul The Hero Slayer

All Achievements and How to Get Them

Source: SouthPAW Games

Story Achievements

The Legend Begins

Return to the castle after dying – you’ll simply get it by dying on your first run.

Go Home

Rescue the demon King – beat the game! Press ‘continue’ after the credits roll.


You get these achievements simply by progressing through the game and beating the boss of each area.

Rescued Elder Ent

Defeat Yggrasil, the first boss.

The End of the Gold Mane Knights

Defeat the Leiana Sisters, the second boss.

False Goddess, Disappear

Defeat Chimaera, the third boss.

The Fall of the Leonia Order

Defeat St. Joan II, the fourth boss.

The Final Battle of the First Hero

Defeat the First Hero, the fifth boss.

Black Market Achievements

What Should I Buy

Spend 1 minute in the Black Market.

Brain at Full Throttle

Spend 5 minutes in the Black Market.

Too Much of a Talker

Simply keep talking to Headless until you unlock the achievement.

Inventory Management

Re-stock continuously – refresh the item shop until you get it.

Castle Achievements

Castle Restoration Plans

Fully restore the Demon King’s Castle – costs a total of 127 500 dark quartz.

Rules of Etiquette

Simply jump on top of the throne to the left in the Castle.

The Dwarven Chandelier

Jump on top of any chandelier in the castle.

Bosses (Flawless)

Quick Movements

Defeat Yggdrasil, the first boss, without taking damage.

Master of Speed

Defeat the Leiana sisters, the second boss, without taking damage.

Deadly Power

Defeat Chimaera, the third boss, without taking damage.

The Levitator

Defeat St. Joan II, the fourth boss, without taking damage.

The God of Battle

Defeat the First Hero, the fifth boss, without taking damage.

Special Achievements

Rookies Welcome

Play on rookie mode – turn it on in settings. You can turn it off after getting the achievement if you don’t want to play with it activated!


Do a run where you don’t free any captive NPCs. I’ve heard it’s fine to break their cage, as long as you don’t interact with the NPC.


Die by taking damage from a trap.

The Hero Killer

Kill 100 heroes. Kill the mini-bosses – you fight 1 in 1-2, 2 in 2-2. 3 in 3-2 and 1 empowered in 4-2. If you manage to kill all possible heroes (7) in a single run, you’ll need a total of 15 runs.

The Skeleton King

Defeat the First Hero only using Little Bone.

Common Skull Achievements

War Fanatic

Acquire Carleon Commander – upgrade the Carleon Recruit to max.

Guardian of Nature

Acquire Elder Ent Skull – upgrade the Ent Skull to max.

All Soul’s Day

Acquire the Savior – upgrade the Grave Digger to max.

White Mage

Acquire Sage – upgrade the Mage to max.

The Back Alley King

Acquire Desperado – upgrade the Petty Thief to max.

Charge! Again! And Again!

Acquire Vanguard Captain – upgrade the Skeleton-Pike to max.

The Best Offense is Defense

Acquire Guard Captain – upgrade the Skeleton-Shield to max.

An Honorable Name

Acquire Royal Guard Captain – upgrade the Skeleton-Sword to max.

Ghostly Elusiveness

Acquire the Overlord – upgrade the Stone Monkey to max.

The Greatest Werewolf

Acquire Eternal Werewolf – upgrade the Werewolf to max.

Rare Skulls Achievements

An Endless Appetite for Research

Acquire Dark Alchemist – upgrade the Alchemist to max.

Start the Show

Acquire Joker – upgrade the Clown to max.

The Embodiment of Cold

Acquire Frozen Spirit – upgrade the Frost Skull to max.

Demon King Castle Gargoyle

Acquire Golden Gargoyle – upgrade the Gargoyle to max.

Praise Me!

Acquire Spirit – upgrade the Gene to max.

Dominating Size

Acquire Ghoooooul – upgrade the Ghoul to max.

Ultimate Weapon: Bow

Acquire Sniper – upgrade the Hunter to max.

The King of the Labyrinth Ruins

Acquire Minotaurus III – upgrade the Minotaurus to max.

Arms Expert

Acquire Eternal Mummy – upgrade the Mummy to max.

Rider Instincts

Acquire Nightmare – upgrade the Rider to max.

Explosions are a Work of Art

Acquire Demolitions Expert – upgrade the Skeleton-Bomber to max.

Too Big to Be Called a Sword

Acquire Warlord – upgrade the Warrior to max.

The Raging Wave

Acquire Poseidon – upgrade the Water Skull to max.

Unique Skulls Achievements

The Unbreakable Pact

Acquire Devil Berserker – upgrade the Berserker to max.

The Dark-Armored Knight

Acquire Dark Avenge – upgrade the Dark Paladin to max.

From the Deep Abyss

Acquire Abyssal Monarch – upgrade the Great Warlock to max.

Burning Soul

Acquire Soul Knight – upgrade the Living Armor to max.

The Legendary Ninja

Acquire Master Ninja – upgrade the Ninja to max.

Destructive Instincts

Acquire Destroyer – upgrade the Predator to max.


Acquire the King – upgrade the Prisoner to max.

A Stylish Entrance

Acquire Super Rock Star – upgrade the Rock Star to max.

The Final Mystery of the Arts

Acquire Neo Samurai – upgrade the Samurai to max.

Legendary Skulls Achievements

Sealed Power

Acquire Archlich.

The Legend of the Arena

Acquire Champion.

Do You Fear Death?

Acquire Davy Jones.

Wanna Play a Game With Me?

Acquire Gambler.

The Ruler of the Nether World

Acquire Grim Reaper.

The Dokkaebi’s Supernatural Stomp

Acquire Yaksha.

Progression Achievements

Dark Side of Harmonia

Enter the Dark Mirror to arrive in the Dark Side of Harmonia.

New Start

Return after dying in the Dark Mirror – you’ll get it after ending your first run.

Broken World

First Dark Mirror Destroyed – simply complete your first successful run (level 0).

A Worthwhile Adventure

Level 1 Dark Mirror Destroyed.

Courageous Act

Level 2 Dark Mirror Destroyed.

Result of your Efforts

Level 3 Dark Mirror Destroyed.


Level 4 Dark Mirror Destroyed.

Energy and Perseverance

Level 5 Dark Mirror Destroyed.

Spirit of Challenge

Level 6 Dark Mirror Destroyed.

Surprising Move

Level 7 Dark Mirror Destroyed.

Phenomenal Success

Level 8 Dark Mirror Destroyed.

Great Achievement

Level 9 Dark Mirror Destroyed.

Nothing is Impossible

Level 10 Dark Mirror Destroyed.

Black Market Achievements


Use all chances to restock with Dark Quartz in the Black Market. As you progress in level an altar will appear on top of the Black Market that costs (500?) quartz to refresh, do it until it hits zero. Costs a bunch in total, so save up!

Solid Career Choice

Acquire 2 additional inscriptions from the Black Market – as you increase the level you’re able to buy two additional inscriptions. They’re to the left of the regular items you can buy. Buy both to get the achievement!

Special Guest

Buy special items from collectors – once you reach a high enough level the shopkeeper will sell an additional item. It sits above the refresh button. Buy it!

Abilities and Inscriptions Achievements

Best Condition

Have 4 dark abilities in your inventory – the old man by the bonfire will let you buy dark abilities. Equip four different ones at the same time to unlock the achievement

Dark Ability

Acquire all dark abilities – get all the abilities by progressing in level.

The Cursed

Have 4 cursed dark abilities at the same time – instead of equipping regular dark abilities (purple) equip the cursed (red) ones!

Hate the Sinner, Love the Sin

Have the ‘Sin’ inscription – rescue the Evil druid during a run and he’ll drop an item with the “sin” inscription.

Terrible Omen

Have the ‘Omen’ inscription. Once you get to a higher level there will be chests that drop items with the “omen” inscription.

Special Achievements

The Strongest

Defeat the First Hero in the Dark Mirror without getting hit.

Spider God’s Protection

Offer 10 bones to the Arachne Clan’s altar in one session. Once you’ve progressed enough in level – choose one of the three abilities she offers and level it up to 10. You don’t have to do it all at once, but it has to be during the same run.

Heart of Darkness

Acquire 100 Dark Quartz Hearts. You get these hearts by killing the purple mobs.

Huge thanks to Mr. Lee on Steam for the information on how to get all achievements for Skul The Hero Slayer.

If you want to see the post Mr. Lee created, then you can check out the post by clicking on the link here: 100% Achievements guide

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