Sky: Children of the Light – Complete Beginner’s & Basics Guide

Ready to welcome the beautiful world of Sky?

Sky: Children of the Light - Complete Beginner's & Basics Guide

The enchanting world of Sky: Children of the Light has finally arrived to Steam and this guide is perfect for you beginners. Veterans and beta players may have spent hundreds of hours in the game, so if you don’t want to feel left out here you go! We’ll get you prepped up so you can start exploring the vast realms and collect new cosmetics.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

First off, if we’re to describe this game, it’s like a movie. As a Child of the Light, you’re encouraged, ushered, to explore the world before you and meet Spirits. It’s a silent, but also lively movie in the sense that you’re always accompanied by the beautiful music compositions, the wind, and even your own footsteps.

Sky: Children of the Light is a social game at its heart and is meant to be relaxing. It’s best to experience the game with your friends tagging along the ride. But even if you’re alone, you can still enjoy the entire realm alone.


Currently, the game is a lot easier to play with on controllers due to the nature of the original design. It was first released on iOS with PC port on Steam being the latest release. We’ll have to see when the developers release more settings to allow more customization and adjustments for mouse & keyboard players.

Friendship Ability

Being the social game it is, one has to invest candles in relationships to talk to others! This is an unique social mechanic in the game which prevents people that you’re not friends with from clogging your chatbox. You can check the Friendship Tree to see everything you can do with your friends.

On the other hand, if you wish to speak with strangers, there are always chat areas which is indicated by a white candle. Sitting on these areas allow you to talk to them without the need of investing into the features! These seats can be found around the world throughout every realm.

You can also shop for Chat Table from the Meditating Monastic store or get similar items from events. There are also consumables sold every weekend at the Spell Shops for this purpose. Just lay down the chairs and you can start talking.

Another method to do this is by scanning invite codes which will save you a lot of the candles.

Friends are required to solve puzzles such as:

  • Butterfly Door (8 people)
  • Darkness Tree (min. 2 people)
8-person puzzle in Sky: Children of the Light.


Depending on where you start off in the game, you’re going to start the game with a simple intro. You’ll soon recognize that your sole “weapon” in the game is the candle. That’s your source of light and currency to unlock cosmetics in this game as well as the Friendship Tree. And when you lit up candles, you get candlefire currency.

Candles and Hearts are the main currencies in the game to trade for items. Similar to most games, these currencies can be grinded by doing daily quests, the main quest, exploration, and interacting with friends. Generally, Hearts are used to trade for better, ultimate rewards.

Here’s a more detailed list about the currencies and how to get them:

  • Candles
    • Reliving Spirit memories (Only once)
    • Daily Light
    • Daily Quests
  • Hearts
    • Spirits for free or for Candles
    • Obtained from other players (They can send one to you for 3 Candles)
  • Ascended Candles
    • Eye of Eden
    • Certain event (With a limit on that day)

Generally, the currencies mentioned above should be saved up for time-limited items. Be mindful not to spend too much of them early.

There’s a limit to the max amount of Candles you can get based on the Chevron system, or the arrows next to the candle symbol. When the arrows are gone, you can still get a few candles before you reach cap.

Ascended Candles

The Ascended Candle is a special currency you get only after passing through the Final Gate to get fancy skills from the Friendship Tree. So if you’re wondering how some of your friends or strangers are teleporting to places, this is the reason! It’s an endgame content.

Winged Lights

The more Winged Lights you find in the game, the higher and further you can fly. You can find these Winged Lights within different realms and there are now over hundreds of Winged Lights you can find! New realms are added every season.

Collecting Winged Light in Sky: Children of the Light.

Winged Lights do not unblock wind barriers. If you find yourself getting knocked back by an invisible wall, that’s because they’re nothing to explore. More Winged Lights won’t let you explore those places.

On top of the Winged Lights, there’s the Ascended Wings or also popularly known as a Wing Buff among veteran players.

Season Pass

Now comes the million dollar question: do you need the Season Pass? Luckily, nothing about a Season Pass prevents you from enjoying the main content available. In fact, some of these may return in the future and can be purchased using the white Candles and Hearts from traveling Spirits.

However, seasonal Candles and Hearts are limited to its season only. The seasonal Hearts especially can only be used on the ultimate rewards. Seasonal Ultimate Rewards, however, do not return.

Season of Nesting in Sky: Children of the Light.

So, if you don’t want to miss out on the exclusive reward, get the pass! It’s also good for you who want to kick start your initial playthrough as it gives extra candles and hearts from daily logins.

And that concludes the guide for all the important things we wish beginners know in Sky: Children of the Light! Need more chill games? Here’s one for you who want completionist mode on Spirit City!


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